Monday, April 11, 2011

Happy Girl

 I think beauty sleep really agrees with Charlotte, because guess what?? 
She is sleeping through the night! 
She first slept through the night on March 14th and had success off and on since then, but I was afraid to say anything about it until now because I didn't want to jinx it.  I'm not normally superstitious, but call me what you will because I was NOT willing to take any chances on bad juju vibes that would mess up her sleep. 

Never.  Wake.  Sleeping.  Baby. 
Write that down. 
This mantra seems more important now than ever.

With Barrett, I would obediently wake him to keep him precisely on his schedule...  these days, I've learned to let her catch those zzz's when she can (sorry, BabyWise). 
Don't worry, I haven't morphed into a different person or started wearing her in a sling 24/7 dressed in hemp clothes.  I still wake her if she sleeps past a certain time in the morning, so our days can have a predicable rhythm, but I'm past waking her up just for the sake of a schedule.  I guess I got over myself on that point.  Funny how a second baby can do that, huh?

These days, she almost always responds with smiles and coos when you talk to her, especially when you call her by name.  I honestly think she is already starting to respond to Charlotte! 

In other news, Barrett has also started saying "Charlotte" but still prefers to call her "baby."  He particularly likes to introduce her to people we run into when we're out and about.  Unfailingly, we run into a kind stranger in the grocery/taking a walk in the double stroller/anywhere we go, really, who stops to speak to Barrett. 

Kind Stranger invariably lavishes Barrett with attention and asks about his baby sister.  As a preemptive strike, now he immediately starts patting Charlotte and saying "baby."  This "introduction" gets him even more attention from Kind Stranger. 
Mission accomplished.  
Would you like to meet my sister?
But really, Barrett can't get enough of his baby sister and Charlotte seems to adore Barrett too, as exhibited by her patience for his silly shenanigans and endless attempts to "ring" her belly button. 
(Kristopher says "ding dong" whenever Barrett pokes his belly button or honks his nose, which always gets BIG laughs.  Only now, Barrett can't pass up the opportunity to ring anyone's belly button.  You've been warned.)

She has a belly button too!!

Ding dong!


  1. I gotta tell you, this must be your funniest blog post yet, and definitely a favorite of mine! Could it have anything to do with adorable baby x 2?? Sigh . .

  2. I lovelovelove the tub pic... she really DOES love her bath, doesn't she??