Sunday, April 24, 2011


Barrett wasn't old enough to hunt eggs last year, but this year, he was ready to go!  We attended three Easter egg hunts to give him lots of practice.
First up, the sorority alum egg hunt at the DZ house. 

This was Barrett's first true Easter egg hunt, and he did well!  He picked up the eggs and put them in his basket, although we carried the basket around for him. 
It was too much to walk, pick up the eggs, AND hold the basket all at once.

We tried to get everyone together for a picture, but that is kind of like keeping puppies in a basket...someone kept wiggling away.
Barrett is on the left sucking on an orange egg from Anna Grace's basket.  Oh well.  What are you gonna do?
Charlotte came along to snooze observe and we even got a picture of both babies with the Easter Bunny.
 I'm not sure what this pose is about, but Barrett was leaning across the bunny's lap onto Charlotte in every shot.  Hm.  Protecting her from the bunny?  Trying to get in the middle of the bunny's lap?  Not sure.

Next up, we went to the neighborhood Easter egg hunt and had a great time hanging out with our friends and neighbors and all of their sweet kids.  The very best part about our new house is the neighborhood -- we love it!  Barrett has so many playmates and we are lucky to have so many neighbors as friends!

On Easter weekend, we had an Easter egg hunt for all of the little cousins at my parents house, complete with designated areas depending on age group, sidewalk chalk, bubbles, and Easter goodies for everyone (my mom is SO organized!). 

Are the eggs ready yet??  Can we go outside and start?!

Oh!  I found one!

Basket full of eggs
We found them ALL!
Charlotte and Grandmom snuggled inside while all the kids hunted eggs outside

Hanging out with Aunt Jessica

Easter is such a fun holiday for children and I can't wait for Charlotte to participate next year too~

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  1. What a fun time! We're looking forward to next year's egg hunts too, and we'll be ready for you, Charlotte, with extra eggs. Andrew too!