Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Sugarpie, Honeybunch

We've been tossing around a few nicknames for baby Charlotte for a while now.  A front runner hasn't emerged yet, but I'm sure it will.  We are nickname people. 

When we were dating, we had all sorts of coordinating nicknames that weren't necessarily lovey-dovey, they just happened.  He called me "Smalls" (don't know why, it isn't necessarily cute or romantic) so I would respond and call him "Large."  Those nicknames have evolved so much into our everyday life that I found myself addressing him as "Large" in front of my parents the other day.  How sleep-deprivation excuse can only get me so far on that one.  There's also "Scooter/Scootee" and "Pumpkin/Squash."  Weird, right?  He calls me "angel" when he's aggravated with me (as in "Angel? (deep, calming breath to sooth his seething anger)...did you happen to knock over that piece of granite in the driveway/remember my peanut butter at the grocery/actually spend $$$ at a store called "Saddle Shoes and Smocked Clothes for Boys"???  Those are all hypothetical, by the way... 
Anyway, back to the kiddo's nicknames~~
Somehow, Barrett's nickname has become "Buster" and occasionally "Buddy."  I'm not sure where we got "Buster" -- Kristopher and I both take credit for it, so who knows.  Kristopher almost exclusively calls him "Buster" these days and I'm starting to worry since he actually responds to the nickname, in addition to his own name.  Won't that confuse him?? 

So far, these are Charlotte's nicknames:
::  Darling (more accurately, darlin')
::  Honey
::  Sweet girl and/or pretty girl  (I use these the most)
::  Sugarlump
::  Beautiful (Kristopher uses this one.  By the way, where was this nickname when he decided to call me Scooter???)
::  Miss Priss
::  Sweetpea

Which one do you like best?


  1. Hmm . . good question. I've found myself calling her Darlin' (more often, Darlin' Girl), Sweet Girl, and OF COURSE, Sweetpea. Come to think of it, I use the SAME NAMES for Barrett in his gender. So I say go with what feels right. And a nickname I've been using a lot for little Charlotte is Little Miss ~ I don't know why ~ I guess it feels right. :)

  2. We had nicknames for all of ours: Ben was "Buddy", Caroline was "Sister" (Tom wanted to call her Princess, but I put my foot down.. that one was true enough already - !!), Owen was "O", and David was "Little Buddy". Of course there were their nicknames for each other too... For Charlotte, I like Sweetpea, which is what your mom always called all of ours. ; )