Friday, February 18, 2011

Rub-a-dub-dub, Baby in the Tub

Now that her umbilical cord has fallen off, Charlotte got to have her first bubble bath in the whale tub!  This has to be way better than the sponge baths, done as quickly as possible to keep her from getting cold.

I wasn't sure how to work the whale tub at our old house, the tub fit neatly over the top of the kitchen sink. 
Remember Barrett's first bath in the tub? 
Don't you think he looks a little like Charlotte?
But it wouldn't fit just right on any of the sinks in our new house -- it was either too wobbly, and therefore deemed unsafe, or the faucet wouldn't fit over the side.  Finally, I realized that if I squeezed the tub by each whale fin, it would fit all the way down inside the kitchen sink.  Perfect.
I'm so happy for Charlotte -- I love taking baths so much, I figure she must like it too.  This has got to be an upgrade for her. 
All clean!

Barrett is happy for her too, although he has a hard time understanding why he can't get in the whale tub with her.  He loves his bath so much, we have to spell it out around him because if he hears us refer to a B-A-T-H, he gets so excited and starts to squeal "bath! bath!" over and over because he thinks he's going to get in the tub.  He's devastated if he hears the word "bath" but doesn't actually get one.  It's pretty cute.


  1. Oh, my YES, Charlotte looks a lot like Barrett in these photos. I thought that as soon as I saw her in the whale tub pic! Except for the mouth - they are different. Hers is perfect for pouting, as she will learn very soon, hee hee! What beautiful, sweet clean babies . .

    P.S. Don't stop your "bath squeal," Barrett - I LOVE it.

  2. I saw that first picture and wondered why you were posting old photos of Barrett that I hadn't seen! My they do look alike! ;)

    SO SWEET. Clean babies. Sweet babies. KISSABLE BABIES! Give them kisses from me, please...

    See you soon -
    LOVE - Jess

  3. Jan, Charlotte has your mouth! Nothing any sweeter than clean babies.. Love to all of you!

    Aunt Jill