Thursday, February 17, 2011

A Little Off the Top, Please

As if being a big brother wasn't enough, Barrett had another "big boy" milestone lately -- his first haircut!  It was time, but I was sad to see the sweet little curls on the back of his neck be lopped off. 

We took him to a salon that specializes in kids, and I have to say, they have their act down pat.  There are cute hydraulic chairs for the kids to sit in, kid-sizes smocks, animal crackers available for munching, and cartoons playing on TVs above each station.  Plus, the stylists are used to working quickly so they can do an even haircut on a squirmy customer.

Maybe if I scoot down, she'll just let me fly my airplane and watch cartoons...

What a big boy!!!  Geez!

Barrett already seems so much BIGGER lately, in comparison to tiny Charlotte, I guess.  I know this isn't exactly a giant philosophical leap here, but something about having a new baby makes the older sibling seem suddenly....older.  I swear he's grown a few inches and gained a few pounds just since she's been born.  He just looks so grown up~  And the haircut makes him look even more like a little boy, and less like a baby.  The mom is always to last to realize that her baby is starting to grow up, huh? 


  1. What a great place for his first haircut.. good choice! And he looks like he was really good. I know what you mean about the contrast. Suddenly all the things he has learned to do stand out against his little sister. You have a beautiful little family.

  2. Toooo cute. This would have to be a great job if all the little clients were as cooperative as our little kiddo ~~

    What a big boy he is now . . . sigh . .