Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Baby See, Baby Do

Barrett is like a little sponge these days~  He soaks up everything we say and do, it seems like he has a few new words every day and a multitude of new "tricks."  Here's a few of the latest:

::  Telling Sassy -- or any barking dog -- to "hush," especially when we encounter dogs on a walk

::  Mimicking all beep sounds whenever he hears them (garbage truck, microwave, toy truck)

::  Saying "Wheeeee!!!" on the swings and slide

::  Coloring with his animal crayons

::  Although stacking the crayons is really his favorite part

::  Turning off light switches and his sound machine and declaring them to be "off"

::  Holding hands with us and saying "Amen!" at the end of the blessing

::  Defying the child proof locks to sneak DVDs out of the living room cabinets (this one is not quite as cute as the others...)

::  Kissing and hugging baby Charlotte.  We didn't necessarily teach him to do this, he just started doing it himself, which I think is the sweetest part :)  He also likes to hold her hand, which is adorable, but requires a quick baby handwash afterwards, just in case of germs (I can't help it, she's so tiny and doesn't have an immune system yet!)

::  Telling us when he's ready for a nap or bedtime.  I ask if he's "ready to go night night," and if he's ready, he responds "uh huh..night night...night night."  At first, I thought he was just repeating me to be agreeable, and wasn't really ready for a nap.  But then, he pulled his lovey from between the slats of his crib and lay down on the floor, hugging the lovey and sucking his thumb.  Well, okay!  Nap time it is!

::  We're still working on ma'am and sir.  He doesn't use those at all yet, and says "uh huh" instead.  He must have picked that up from us, and I didn't even realize that I said "uh huh...."  Makes you think twice, doesn't it?  I'll have to make a conscious effort to reign in the slang from now on, but I'm leaving in the "y'alls."  He is a southern child, after all.


  1. What a smart boy! And pretty impressive squiggles with his cute stackable crayone - I didn't know he could do that! My favorite is that he likes giving baby sister lots of hugs and kisses. Such a sweet southern child ~ glad you're leaving in the y'alls!

  2. He is sooooo precious; definitely Mr. Personality!

  3. Love it! And I know what you mean about a toddler pointing out your own bad habits. One of Beau's favorite things to do is lean over and say, "Huh?" He thinks it's hysterical.