Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Sugarpie, Honeybunch

We've been tossing around a few nicknames for baby Charlotte for a while now.  A front runner hasn't emerged yet, but I'm sure it will.  We are nickname people. 

When we were dating, we had all sorts of coordinating nicknames that weren't necessarily lovey-dovey, they just happened.  He called me "Smalls" (don't know why, it isn't necessarily cute or romantic) so I would respond and call him "Large."  Those nicknames have evolved so much into our everyday life that I found myself addressing him as "Large" in front of my parents the other day.  How sleep-deprivation excuse can only get me so far on that one.  There's also "Scooter/Scootee" and "Pumpkin/Squash."  Weird, right?  He calls me "angel" when he's aggravated with me (as in "Angel? (deep, calming breath to sooth his seething anger)...did you happen to knock over that piece of granite in the driveway/remember my peanut butter at the grocery/actually spend $$$ at a store called "Saddle Shoes and Smocked Clothes for Boys"???  Those are all hypothetical, by the way... 
Anyway, back to the kiddo's nicknames~~
Somehow, Barrett's nickname has become "Buster" and occasionally "Buddy."  I'm not sure where we got "Buster" -- Kristopher and I both take credit for it, so who knows.  Kristopher almost exclusively calls him "Buster" these days and I'm starting to worry since he actually responds to the nickname, in addition to his own name.  Won't that confuse him?? 

So far, these are Charlotte's nicknames:
::  Darling (more accurately, darlin')
::  Honey
::  Sweet girl and/or pretty girl  (I use these the most)
::  Sugarlump
::  Beautiful (Kristopher uses this one.  By the way, where was this nickname when he decided to call me Scooter???)
::  Miss Priss
::  Sweetpea

Which one do you like best?

Baby See, Baby Do

Barrett is like a little sponge these days~  He soaks up everything we say and do, it seems like he has a few new words every day and a multitude of new "tricks."  Here's a few of the latest:

::  Telling Sassy -- or any barking dog -- to "hush," especially when we encounter dogs on a walk

::  Mimicking all beep sounds whenever he hears them (garbage truck, microwave, toy truck)

::  Saying "Wheeeee!!!" on the swings and slide

::  Coloring with his animal crayons

::  Although stacking the crayons is really his favorite part

::  Turning off light switches and his sound machine and declaring them to be "off"

::  Holding hands with us and saying "Amen!" at the end of the blessing

::  Defying the child proof locks to sneak DVDs out of the living room cabinets (this one is not quite as cute as the others...)

::  Kissing and hugging baby Charlotte.  We didn't necessarily teach him to do this, he just started doing it himself, which I think is the sweetest part :)  He also likes to hold her hand, which is adorable, but requires a quick baby handwash afterwards, just in case of germs (I can't help it, she's so tiny and doesn't have an immune system yet!)

::  Telling us when he's ready for a nap or bedtime.  I ask if he's "ready to go night night," and if he's ready, he responds "uh huh..night night...night night."  At first, I thought he was just repeating me to be agreeable, and wasn't really ready for a nap.  But then, he pulled his lovey from between the slats of his crib and lay down on the floor, hugging the lovey and sucking his thumb.  Well, okay!  Nap time it is!

::  We're still working on ma'am and sir.  He doesn't use those at all yet, and says "uh huh" instead.  He must have picked that up from us, and I didn't even realize that I said "uh huh...."  Makes you think twice, doesn't it?  I'll have to make a conscious effort to reign in the slang from now on, but I'm leaving in the "y'alls."  He is a southern child, after all.

Friday, February 18, 2011

Rub-a-dub-dub, Baby in the Tub

Now that her umbilical cord has fallen off, Charlotte got to have her first bubble bath in the whale tub!  This has to be way better than the sponge baths, done as quickly as possible to keep her from getting cold.

I wasn't sure how to work the whale tub at our old house, the tub fit neatly over the top of the kitchen sink. 
Remember Barrett's first bath in the tub? 
Don't you think he looks a little like Charlotte?
But it wouldn't fit just right on any of the sinks in our new house -- it was either too wobbly, and therefore deemed unsafe, or the faucet wouldn't fit over the side.  Finally, I realized that if I squeezed the tub by each whale fin, it would fit all the way down inside the kitchen sink.  Perfect.
I'm so happy for Charlotte -- I love taking baths so much, I figure she must like it too.  This has got to be an upgrade for her. 
All clean!

Barrett is happy for her too, although he has a hard time understanding why he can't get in the whale tub with her.  He loves his bath so much, we have to spell it out around him because if he hears us refer to a B-A-T-H, he gets so excited and starts to squeal "bath! bath!" over and over because he thinks he's going to get in the tub.  He's devastated if he hears the word "bath" but doesn't actually get one.  It's pretty cute.

Thursday, February 17, 2011

My Funny Valentine

We just barely got it together to make Valentines this year, but I'm glad we found time to squeeze them in.  We made double-sided hearts with Barrett's handprint on one side and Charlotte's footprints on the other. 
Sweet little hands and feet
I love having their little handprints and footprints at different ages so I can remember how big they were.

Anyway, Barrett was very cooperative!!  It also helped that, for the first time ever on a baby craft project, I wasn't flying solo and had several extra pairs of hands to help corral the mess and minimize the paint smears.

On a sad note, my mom returned home on Valentine's Day, aftering staying with us since Charlotte was born.  She was a HUGE help and we were all sad to see her go.  We hope she comes back again soon!! 

Although I'll admit to moments of panic when both babies cry at the same time and I wonder how I'll ever do it by myself, eek!, it has been good for me to settle into a daily routine with the kiddos.

When you're sleep-deprived, just the thought of getting gussied up for a romantic evening out is exhausting, so on Valentine's evening, we had dinner at home, took a walk around the neighborhood~~

And also found time for sweet kisses for baby sister

Happy Valentine's Day!

A Little Off the Top, Please

As if being a big brother wasn't enough, Barrett had another "big boy" milestone lately -- his first haircut!  It was time, but I was sad to see the sweet little curls on the back of his neck be lopped off. 

We took him to a salon that specializes in kids, and I have to say, they have their act down pat.  There are cute hydraulic chairs for the kids to sit in, kid-sizes smocks, animal crackers available for munching, and cartoons playing on TVs above each station.  Plus, the stylists are used to working quickly so they can do an even haircut on a squirmy customer.

Maybe if I scoot down, she'll just let me fly my airplane and watch cartoons...

What a big boy!!!  Geez!

Barrett already seems so much BIGGER lately, in comparison to tiny Charlotte, I guess.  I know this isn't exactly a giant philosophical leap here, but something about having a new baby makes the older sibling seem suddenly....older.  I swear he's grown a few inches and gained a few pounds just since she's been born.  He just looks so grown up~  And the haircut makes him look even more like a little boy, and less like a baby.  The mom is always to last to realize that her baby is starting to grow up, huh? 

Friday, February 4, 2011

Introducing Charlotte Vivienne~

We're tickled pink to announce that baby Charlotte was born on Friday January 28, 2011 at 1:38pm.  She is perfectly healthy and is already a happy addition to our family~

She weighs 7lbs 1oz and is 20.5 inches long and has navy blue eyes with a head full of dark hair.

Now, at one week old, she's back up to her birth weight.  In fact, she's in the 25-50th percentile for weight and 75th for height (very similar stats to big brother Barrett!)

So far, Barrett just loves being a big brother.  His favorite new word is "baby" which he uses repeatedly in reference to Charlotte herself, her clothes, the moses basket, anything remotely baby-related....


He never misses an opportunity to "pat the baby."  We are teaching him to be gentle, which Sassy also appreciates, although he hasn't necessarily translated the importance of gently patting the baby to the importance of gently patting Sassy (or refraining from pulling her tail).  Poor pup.

Of course, we are all hopelessly in love with her and are enjoying our time as a new family of four~