Saturday, January 15, 2011

No Good Very Bad Day

I was feeling snakebit anyway....everyone I know has a sick child, but Barrett had escaped cold/flu season so far and hasn't been sick since the summer.  Well, I guess the germs were saving up their strength, because now they're hitting him full force.  Although he never ran a fever, he was up all night on Wednesday and refused to lay down or rest, aside from laying on my chest in his rocking chair.  It was the weirdest thing -- it came on all of the sudden right before bedtime.  So, for only the second time in his life, it was a true all-nighter.  Kristopher and I tried to take turns, but we were so worried about him that we were both in the nursery anyway, even when it wasn't our "turn" so we ended up making a palette in there so we could just sleep on the floor.  That didn't even work.  He wanted to be held in his rocker.
Feeling droopy
Well, the next morning, I took him to the doctor and he has double ear infections.  From there, his fever has gone up each day from 99.1, 101.9, 103.4, and today -- 104.3.  Yikes.  Another trip to the doctor ruled out the flu, and it looks like we just have to ride this one out with tepid baths and the humidifier, plus motrin, Benedryl, and antibiotics, since his heart is still too tricky to allow him to have any of the good cold meds that actually make babies feel better.  Honestly, I haven't seen him like this since he had pneumonia at 2m old!  He's so pitiful~  He just sits still and doesn't really play with his toys, or lays his head on my shoulder while I hold him.  I did talk him into watching the Backyardigans the other day, and that perked him up. 
The Backyardigans theme song earned a little smile~
To complicate things, he was also on a follow-up heart monitor Th-Fri.  It was just another thing to agitate our sick baby, plus it means no bath time.  However, I'm glad it was on him when he had a fever, so any accelerated heart rate could be documented, although the monitor was off by the time his fever got really high.  Barrett is still hanging in there, but we're laying low at home at least until the fever breaks.  We should have the heart monitor results next week~
I'm done!!  This is not comfy!!
Fingers crossed that everyone is well by the time Charlotte arrives (less than 2 weeks!) -- don't want to expose a newborn to germs~~

UPDATE:  Barrett's fever broke yesterday, after being over 104 all weekend.  Whew.  He is definitely on the mend, but isn't back to his usual self quite yet.
His heart monitor showed his heart rate at 218bpm, which is still too fast, but not SVT.  It seems that these episodes of high heart rate are sinus tachycardia, which is much less scary and dangerous than SVT, especially since he's been known to have cardiomyopathy induced by SVT (when his heart tires out and stops beating -- heart failure). 
All of this to say that it is a GOOD sign that his heart is strong enough to stay out of SVT, even when his heart rate is elevated.  However, we're not comfortable with the 218bpm sinus tachycardia either.  We're in limbo~


  1. Rebecca,

    Sorry our visit was cut short the other day when I saw y'all in the office. I hope Barrett is feeling better soon! And I can't wait to meet baby girl Charlotte once she arrives!

  2. Ugh! I feel your pain (sans high fever). Beau is finally back to his old self again after an ear infection and pink eye last week, but it has WRECKED his night time sleeping schedule.
    Here's to hoping that y'all can slip right back into Barrett's routine and that two weeks from now Charlotte is welcomed into a happy, healthy household. I'll be praying for y'all!

  3. Poor little Barrett! I'm so glad he's feeling better. Those pictures are so sad and pitiful! I hope he gets all the way better before Charlotte is born so he can give her sweet kisses!

  4. Poor sweet baby! You know our little guy feels awful (and no wonder!!) when he doesn't even want to move. Thank goodness his fever was down today. Lots of kisses from Grammy ~~