Sunday, January 2, 2011

Merry Christmas

I hope everyone had a very Merry Christmas!   We had a wonderful holiday, but I'm sad that Christmas is over, and I have the lingering and pervasive Christmas tree needles all over my house to show for it.

We spent Christmas Eve and Christmas Day with Kristopher's family, and then my parents drove into town Christmas night in time for dinner~  It was fun to get to see both of our families on actual Christmas Day (which has never happened before, since they live in different cities) PLUS we cooked our first Christmas dinner.  Kristopher did the turkey in the oil-less fryer and I made cornbread dressing, sweet potato casserole, mistletoe salad, and cranberry sauce.  Barrett was a champ had a bite of everything, although he still prefers pickled peaches and black olives from the relish tray, go figure.

Barrett was not so sure about Santa...

A little side note about Santa:
This picture was taken on Christmas Eve when we were driving around looking at Christmas lights and, lo and behold, we saw Santa walking across the street!  We were in a very nice neighborhood and didn't have a Santa picture yet this year, so I asked Kristopher to stop and ask Santa for a photo op. 
Being the good sport that he is, Kristopher rolled down his window and said "Hey man, will you take a picture with my son??"  (Yes, we really stopped a stranger-Santa in the middle of the street and asked him to take a picture with our child.)
At first, Santa thought we wanted him to get into our car and take the picture with the baby in the carseat (what??  too much eggnog, Santa?) but Santa obliged, and here's the picture.  All this to say, Barrett possibly had good reason to look taken aback in this picture.  Maybe next year we'll get a smiling one~~

Barrett had fun opening presents on Christmas morning (SO many presents from our generous family!)

And learning how to ride the tricycle from Santa~  It is a little big for him now because he can't reach the pedals, but he still likes to scoot around on it and ring the bell.

Barrett also got a new tooth for Christmas, bringing his total tooth count up to 7.  He hasn't cut a new tooth since the summer, when he got several all at once.  Maybe the new Christmas tooth is the beginning of several new chompers?

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  1. Yeah! Christmas pictures! He is just too cute on his little tricycle...what a big boy!

    It's funny you mentioned teeth. Beau hasn't cut any for quite a while too. Then about a week ago he went to bed with seven and woke up with ten! Three in one night. So, I think you're come a bunch of teeth all at once!