Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Let the Countdown Begin

With just a few itty bitty days until Charlotte's arrival -- really hours, at this point -- everything has shifted into "getting ready" mode:
::  Re-wash all of the newborn clothes
::  Wash all of her bedding for cradle, moses basket, and crib
::  Give the house a final "pre-baby" cleaning
::  Tie up any loose ends for projects at work
::  Re-do our wills and legal documents to include baby Charlotte
::  Set up the MULTITUDE of baby paraphernalia that I forgot was necessary (bouncy seat, swing, pack-n-play...)
::  Finish packing for the hospital (yes, I'm still doing that...)
::  The car seat!!  Almost forgot about the car seat....
::  Make sure the house is stocked with groceries
::  Get a last-minute haircut and mani/pedi, in case it is a while before the next ones (hey, no one likes a haggard mama...especially not mama)
::  Prepare a cache of little presents for Barrett so he doesn't feel left out by all of the baby sister hoopla
::  Hang final wall hangings to finish decorating the nursery

As you can see, I am even more list-oriented these days. 
We are so excited that Charlotte is almost here and soaking up the last few days of having Barrett as an only child. 
We found out last week that poor Barrett had roseola, a virus that only children can get.  After his fever went away, he broke out in a rash of reddish/pink dots all over.  The rash was not contagious, but lets the doctor know that the virus he had all along was roseola and explains the super-high fever.  He was fever-free all last week, finished his antibiotics, and we breathed a sigh of relief that he was better....until I discovered another 101.8 fever yesterday.  Our pediatrician said the ear infection from almost 2 weeks ago is still hanging on (the roseola virus in the middle didn't help his body to recuperate...) and he's back on another antibiotic.  Fingers crossed for a healthy big brother!


  1. Can't wait till she gets here! And early congratulations to you all! :)

  2. Good Lord, your list makes me nervous and I've got three months, not three days!

    Hope that everything gets done and that Barrett feels better in a hurry!

    We can't wait to met little Charlotte!!

  3. My, isn't it funny how that nesting instinct kicks in? But now that baby Charlotte is here, you can see that everything mostly got done! YAY!