Monday, January 10, 2011

Because Easy is for Wimps

A few days ago, I was feeding Barrett breakfast, like usual, when he dropped his cup on the floor.  This wasn't remarkable, except for the fact that the top popped off the allegedly leak-proof sippy cup and slattered all over the newly-cleaned floor and high chair.  Compounded by the fact that Sassy immediately skittered through the milk puddle, leaving a trail of tiny milk prints all over the house. 
I put Sass in her crate and left Barrett in his highchair while I crawled around the highchair on my hands and knees -- 9 months pregnant -- to mop up the mess.  And then he started gleefully dropping his peaches and cherries in my just-fixed hair.  If this story doesn't make you think the phrase "no use crying over spilled milk" is ridiculous, you are either a liar or you aren't 9 months pregnant.

Then the NEXT morning, we had even more excitement.  I heard Barrett start cooing through the baby monitor and I knew was waking up.  Before I could even get to the nursery, I starting hearing screams!  I ran in and he was crawling around on the floor!!!  This means that my 15m old baby climbed out of the crib!!  What??  Even though the mattress was set on the lowest setting, he piled his blankets up in a corner and then plopped his stuffed moose on top, climbed the mountain of stuff and hoisted himself out.  Unbelieveable!  Luckily, his stuffed rocking horse broke the fall, and despite my hysteria, he was completely unscathed. 

To ease the trauma as quickly as possible, I put him in his highchair so he could start breakfast while we waited to hear back from my report-the-emergency call to the pediatrician.  At which point, he promptly dropped his cup of milk, and the top popped off, again, resulting in more milk all over my newly re-cleaned floor.  Wow.  At this point, you just have to laugh.

UPDATE: Kristopher "modified" the crib's mattress spring so that it now sits 6-8 inches lower than the original "lowest" setting.  Basically, the mattress is barely off the floor, and it sits waaaay down inside the crib.  Also, we've removed most blankets and animals, leaving him with one blanket and his lovey.  I don't think he can use those to construct an escape route. 


  1. Oh dear ~ sounds like those sippy cups may have to be tossed! Not worth your time & trouble having to clean up all that spilled milk!! And pretty funny that Barrett is pretty much sleeping "on the floor" now to prevent any more climbing-out shenanigans - okay, sorry, I'm not really laughing . . . heehee (can't help it . . .)

  2. Sneaky little sucker! It's a good thing he is so cute. I miss you!!

  3. Oh my! Climbing out of the crib is one of my big fears. I just took out the bumper the other day because Beau was using it for "leverage!" I'm so happy Barrett was ok. What a little adventurer!
    Hope you can get a little rest in the next couple weeks!!