Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Let the Countdown Begin

With just a few itty bitty days until Charlotte's arrival -- really hours, at this point -- everything has shifted into "getting ready" mode:
::  Re-wash all of the newborn clothes
::  Wash all of her bedding for cradle, moses basket, and crib
::  Give the house a final "pre-baby" cleaning
::  Tie up any loose ends for projects at work
::  Re-do our wills and legal documents to include baby Charlotte
::  Set up the MULTITUDE of baby paraphernalia that I forgot was necessary (bouncy seat, swing, pack-n-play...)
::  Finish packing for the hospital (yes, I'm still doing that...)
::  The car seat!!  Almost forgot about the car seat....
::  Make sure the house is stocked with groceries
::  Get a last-minute haircut and mani/pedi, in case it is a while before the next ones (hey, no one likes a haggard mama...especially not mama)
::  Prepare a cache of little presents for Barrett so he doesn't feel left out by all of the baby sister hoopla
::  Hang final wall hangings to finish decorating the nursery

As you can see, I am even more list-oriented these days. 
We are so excited that Charlotte is almost here and soaking up the last few days of having Barrett as an only child. 
We found out last week that poor Barrett had roseola, a virus that only children can get.  After his fever went away, he broke out in a rash of reddish/pink dots all over.  The rash was not contagious, but lets the doctor know that the virus he had all along was roseola and explains the super-high fever.  He was fever-free all last week, finished his antibiotics, and we breathed a sigh of relief that he was better....until I discovered another 101.8 fever yesterday.  Our pediatrician said the ear infection from almost 2 weeks ago is still hanging on (the roseola virus in the middle didn't help his body to recuperate...) and he's back on another antibiotic.  Fingers crossed for a healthy big brother!

Saturday, January 15, 2011

No Good Very Bad Day

I was feeling snakebit anyway....everyone I know has a sick child, but Barrett had escaped cold/flu season so far and hasn't been sick since the summer.  Well, I guess the germs were saving up their strength, because now they're hitting him full force.  Although he never ran a fever, he was up all night on Wednesday and refused to lay down or rest, aside from laying on my chest in his rocking chair.  It was the weirdest thing -- it came on all of the sudden right before bedtime.  So, for only the second time in his life, it was a true all-nighter.  Kristopher and I tried to take turns, but we were so worried about him that we were both in the nursery anyway, even when it wasn't our "turn" so we ended up making a palette in there so we could just sleep on the floor.  That didn't even work.  He wanted to be held in his rocker.
Feeling droopy
Well, the next morning, I took him to the doctor and he has double ear infections.  From there, his fever has gone up each day from 99.1, 101.9, 103.4, and today -- 104.3.  Yikes.  Another trip to the doctor ruled out the flu, and it looks like we just have to ride this one out with tepid baths and the humidifier, plus motrin, Benedryl, and antibiotics, since his heart is still too tricky to allow him to have any of the good cold meds that actually make babies feel better.  Honestly, I haven't seen him like this since he had pneumonia at 2m old!  He's so pitiful~  He just sits still and doesn't really play with his toys, or lays his head on my shoulder while I hold him.  I did talk him into watching the Backyardigans the other day, and that perked him up. 
The Backyardigans theme song earned a little smile~
To complicate things, he was also on a follow-up heart monitor Th-Fri.  It was just another thing to agitate our sick baby, plus it means no bath time.  However, I'm glad it was on him when he had a fever, so any accelerated heart rate could be documented, although the monitor was off by the time his fever got really high.  Barrett is still hanging in there, but we're laying low at home at least until the fever breaks.  We should have the heart monitor results next week~
I'm done!!  This is not comfy!!
Fingers crossed that everyone is well by the time Charlotte arrives (less than 2 weeks!) -- don't want to expose a newborn to germs~~

UPDATE:  Barrett's fever broke yesterday, after being over 104 all weekend.  Whew.  He is definitely on the mend, but isn't back to his usual self quite yet.
His heart monitor showed his heart rate at 218bpm, which is still too fast, but not SVT.  It seems that these episodes of high heart rate are sinus tachycardia, which is much less scary and dangerous than SVT, especially since he's been known to have cardiomyopathy induced by SVT (when his heart tires out and stops beating -- heart failure). 
All of this to say that it is a GOOD sign that his heart is strong enough to stay out of SVT, even when his heart rate is elevated.  However, we're not comfortable with the 218bpm sinus tachycardia either.  We're in limbo~

Monday, January 10, 2011

Because Easy is for Wimps

A few days ago, I was feeding Barrett breakfast, like usual, when he dropped his cup on the floor.  This wasn't remarkable, except for the fact that the top popped off the allegedly leak-proof sippy cup and slattered all over the newly-cleaned floor and high chair.  Compounded by the fact that Sassy immediately skittered through the milk puddle, leaving a trail of tiny milk prints all over the house. 
I put Sass in her crate and left Barrett in his highchair while I crawled around the highchair on my hands and knees -- 9 months pregnant -- to mop up the mess.  And then he started gleefully dropping his peaches and cherries in my just-fixed hair.  If this story doesn't make you think the phrase "no use crying over spilled milk" is ridiculous, you are either a liar or you aren't 9 months pregnant.

Then the NEXT morning, we had even more excitement.  I heard Barrett start cooing through the baby monitor and I knew was waking up.  Before I could even get to the nursery, I starting hearing screams!  I ran in and he was crawling around on the floor!!!  This means that my 15m old baby climbed out of the crib!!  What??  Even though the mattress was set on the lowest setting, he piled his blankets up in a corner and then plopped his stuffed moose on top, climbed the mountain of stuff and hoisted himself out.  Unbelieveable!  Luckily, his stuffed rocking horse broke the fall, and despite my hysteria, he was completely unscathed. 

To ease the trauma as quickly as possible, I put him in his highchair so he could start breakfast while we waited to hear back from my report-the-emergency call to the pediatrician.  At which point, he promptly dropped his cup of milk, and the top popped off, again, resulting in more milk all over my newly re-cleaned floor.  Wow.  At this point, you just have to laugh.

UPDATE: Kristopher "modified" the crib's mattress spring so that it now sits 6-8 inches lower than the original "lowest" setting.  Basically, the mattress is barely off the floor, and it sits waaaay down inside the crib.  Also, we've removed most blankets and animals, leaving him with one blanket and his lovey.  I don't think he can use those to construct an escape route. 

Wednesday, January 5, 2011

And They Call It Puppy Love

Ah, young love.  Some of the greatest romances of all time, right?

Lady and the Tramp

Gidget and Moondoggie
Romeo and Juliet

And now, Barrett and Catherine~~ 

I think we have a budding romance on our hands... We frequently get together with our neighbors to just hang out or have playdates with the kiddos~  Barrett and Catherine are so close in age, that they seem to have a lot in common and it is really fun to watch them together.
Barrett pushing Miss Catherine in his elephant walker. 
She likes to sit in it and he likes to push her around.  We're not sure why.  Chivalrous though, right?

Patting Barrett's head

Sweet hugs
Too cute, right?  I have a good feeling they will stay friends as they grow up together~~

Sunday, January 2, 2011

These Are a Few of My Favorite Things

In honor of the New Year, it seemed like time for an update on Barrett's favorite things.  I started this blog as a way to keep track of Barrett's happenings, sort of like an electronic journal, and I've been slacking lately on posting about his new tricks~

Current stats, from his 15m doctor appointment:
::  25th percentile for weight; 75th percentile for height (long and lean)
::  75th percentile head circumference (full of brains, no doubt)
A few of his favorite words and phrases:
::  Dada -- #1 favorite word of all time; I talk to Barrett about Dada a lot when Kristopher is at work, so Barrett can perform on cue when he gets home.  Kristopher LOVES being called by name so frequently, but I may have overdone it, because Barrett started calling lots of other people Dada too.  We're working to fix this...
::  Bless you (after a sneeze)
::  Please, and sometimes "thank you"
::  Dog and horse; Barrett's godfather gave him an adorable rocking bull for Christmas, which he is crazy about, but insists on calling a "horse", I guess because it is similar in color to his rocking horse?  In fact, he likes these words so much that he calls ALL animals either a "dog" or "horse"
::  Book
::  Bath
::  Baby; he says this anytime we see a baby at the grocery store, or when he's looking at our bulletin board full of Christmas cards featuring lots of baby pictures, naturally.  He favorite is to pick up a framed picture of Kristopher's godson and say "baby" and then give the glass a wet, messy kiss (we're trying to teach Barrett all about babies and we love the babies, and that it is important to be gentle with babies...hopefully he'll remember this when Charlotte comes along)
We're learning that he understands what we are saying most of the time, and he'll attempt to repeat most words too.  He even said his baby cousin's name on Christmas Day -- "Bo" -- they're destined to be BFFs, obviously ;) along with the other precious cousins too.

Favorite activities:
:: Riding his birthday 4-wheeler; he's learned to hold on tightly to the handle bars and push the button to make it go, but the steering part is elusive.  Regardless, he loves riding it until he bumps into something.

:: Playing with friends, especially his cousins and our neighbors
:: Chasing, petting, and generally harassing Sassy
:: Honking someone's nose and/or his own nose
:: And of course, bath time

Biggest behavior challenge:
:: Barrett loves to drop, and sometimes intentionally throw, food and sippy cups from his highchair.  Heavy sigh.  I have been working on stopping this with close to zero luck.  I consistently follow the rules from Toddlerwise.  I talked to his pediatrician about it.  Nothing is working...  Kristopher and I have a few new tactics planned, and if those don't work, I may just have to accept this stage in the short term.  I know this is normal toddler behavior, but I think it is hard for me to let go because I know he knows not to do it and he does it anyway.  It's not that he doesn't understand.  And as much as I believe in discipline, he's too young for anything more than a disapproving look and "don't drop your food," in my stern voice, which he happens to find amusing.  Hm.  I refuse to give up althogether though, because giving in to unacceptable behavior is a slippery slope, right?  But let me tell you, that nice and easy slippery slope sure looks tempting...

Celebrity baby update:
Remember when Barrett was filmed for a NBC health segment for our local news?  His story was chosen as one of the "top stories of 2010" and was included in a special news broadcast that aired on New Years Eve.  I couldn't find a link to the 2010 special, but this is the original story: http://www.nbc33tv.com/svt/baby-recovers-from-svt-scare

Merry Christmas

I hope everyone had a very Merry Christmas!   We had a wonderful holiday, but I'm sad that Christmas is over, and I have the lingering and pervasive Christmas tree needles all over my house to show for it.

We spent Christmas Eve and Christmas Day with Kristopher's family, and then my parents drove into town Christmas night in time for dinner~  It was fun to get to see both of our families on actual Christmas Day (which has never happened before, since they live in different cities) PLUS we cooked our first Christmas dinner.  Kristopher did the turkey in the oil-less fryer and I made cornbread dressing, sweet potato casserole, mistletoe salad, and cranberry sauce.  Barrett was a champ had a bite of everything, although he still prefers pickled peaches and black olives from the relish tray, go figure.

Barrett was not so sure about Santa...

A little side note about Santa:
This picture was taken on Christmas Eve when we were driving around looking at Christmas lights and, lo and behold, we saw Santa walking across the street!  We were in a very nice neighborhood and didn't have a Santa picture yet this year, so I asked Kristopher to stop and ask Santa for a photo op. 
Being the good sport that he is, Kristopher rolled down his window and said "Hey man, will you take a picture with my son??"  (Yes, we really stopped a stranger-Santa in the middle of the street and asked him to take a picture with our child.)
At first, Santa thought we wanted him to get into our car and take the picture with the baby in the carseat (what??  too much eggnog, Santa?) but Santa obliged, and here's the picture.  All this to say, Barrett possibly had good reason to look taken aback in this picture.  Maybe next year we'll get a smiling one~~

Barrett had fun opening presents on Christmas morning (SO many presents from our generous family!)

And learning how to ride the tricycle from Santa~  It is a little big for him now because he can't reach the pedals, but he still likes to scoot around on it and ring the bell.

Barrett also got a new tooth for Christmas, bringing his total tooth count up to 7.  He hasn't cut a new tooth since the summer, when he got several all at once.  Maybe the new Christmas tooth is the beginning of several new chompers?