Friday, December 10, 2010

Tricks of the Trade

Now that it is freezing cold outside, we're stuck inside and unable to go on walks, play on the swings, or meet friends at the playground. 

Please, can we go outside???  Please?!
 All of this time indoors is making Barrett....restless.  He has also started a new thing with hating his changing table.  Screams, cries, kicks, the whole nine yards, and NOT like him at all.  Whew.  As you can imagine, a restless baby makes for a frustrated mama.  So, in the spirit of sharing, here's my few paltry tips on making life with baby easier.  I'm hoping that if I share some of mine, you'll share some of your suggestions??  Here goes.

::  I start meal time with the food I expect him to like the least, but that I want him to eat (meat, green veggies, etc).  That way, he gets it first, when he's the hungriest and most likely to eat it.  When he slows down, I'll add something I know he likes (corn, olives, beans, cheese cubes, any kind of fruit, etc) and then he'll eat the parts he likes plus accidentally eat a few more bites of the other foods too.  Maybe everyone was doing this already, but it just recently occurred to me and it works for us.

::  Travel tip: Leaving for a long car trip immediately after breakfast seems to work the best, by far.  If you leave right after a meal, it lessens the number of times you'll have to stop for meals on the road.  Plus, Barrett is also a much happier traveler in the morning.  Also, we only turn on his DVD player halfway through the trip, so he has "new" entertainment when he's bored.  He doesn't get to watch DVDs except on long trips for this same reason...trying to save it so it remains novel.

::  It probably goes without saying, but baby proofing is so much easier than following the baby around saying "don't touch" or guiding little hands away from your pretty decorative items.  Just take the plunge and install those cabinet locks and clear out breakable stuff.  You'll be glad.

:: Whenever I unload the dishwasher and have a set of clean sippy cups, I go ahead and fill them all with milk, so that when meal or snack time rolls around every few hours, I don't have to fix his cup.  It's already ready to go.  I also keep a cup of ice water (always in the blue cup) or juice (always in the purple cup) ready to grab before we leave to run errands, etc.  It's a time saver, but I guess it does take up fridge space.  I realized this for the first time when one of my non-mom friends came over to visit.  She opened the fridge looking for white wine and found six or seven sippy cups all lined up instead.  Imagine her surprise.  My, how the times have changed...

Okay, now please have mercy and share some of your tips and tricks to make life a little easier.


  1. go find a bookstore with a train table all glued together. we go there several times a week.

  2. I like the suggestion to keep a sippy cups at the ready in the fridge!

    We did some serious childproofing in the living room as well (lots of gates, including a custom one for between the living room and kitchen). So now that Beau is walking I can just let him go and practice without shadowing him.

    However, with all the childproofing we left the toy cabinet untouched so that he can practice opening and shuting the doors and getting in and out. And now, I'm trying teach Beau to put toys back away (he's so good at taking stuff out already). Slowly but surely...

    If I think of anything else, I'll share later!

  3. Since Barrett hates his changing table so much right now, make it a point not to use it. Change him anywhere else that is convenient for you. Keep changing pads handy & change him on the guest room bed, your bed, the sofa, the kitchen table! If it is near a window, maybe he will have a diversion while being diapered. I love the idea of taking him to a bookstore with trains. They are usually very kid friendly. Also, libraries (kid area), toy stores, and malls with carousels & trains to ride (we have them at the Galleria!)