Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Our Little Turkey is a Ham

Barrett is not usually camera-shy.  Maybe he finally realized I was not going to stop taking pictures, so he might as well succumb and give me a smile to make it end sooner.  Except for that time I was trying to take his picture in the front yard, practically doing back flips to get a smile, and three of our new neighbors separately walked up behind me to say hi while I was in the middle of belting out Old MacDonald to induce a grin.  Three.  And always in the middle of the part about animal noises.  Way to make a first impression. 
Anyway, normally he's all smiles.

However, on actual Thanksgiving Day, I failed to get a smiling picture because he was sooo sleepy after gorging on turkey, cornbread dressing, sweet potato casserole, cranberry sauce, butter beans, corn, pickled peaches, croissants, and his new favorite food -- black olives.  I think he would eat a whole can of them if I would let him.  It seems like an odd favorite food for a baby, but I just love black olives, so maybe tastes are hereditary?  Or maybe black olives really are that awesome and all the olive haters out there are missing out.  I'm looking at you, Jessica. 

So, no big smiling pictures on Thanksgiving.   
Cuddling with Grandmom

Sleepy baby, with Aunt Jessica

But he did eat until he was stuffed, get a little cranky around the family, become drowsy during the football game, and fall asleep after drooling on my sister.  And isn't that what the holidays are all about anyway?? 


  1. Oh my goodness, Beau feels the same way about black olives! He picks them out of pasta salad and will reach over to grab them off my pizza. Glad he and Barrett share something else in common!
    Oh, and tastes are totally hereditary. I hate peaches; Beau hates peaches. I love red bell peppers; Beau loves red bell peppers. It's so funny!

  2. Olives I'm willing to miss out on....and pecans and corn and peas and carrots and apple juice and.....

    Geez....maybe "high maintenance" just runs in our family??? :)~

    That picture of you and Barrett is PRECIOUS! I can just hear him laughing. What a cute little turkey (and by the way, I LOVE turkey!).