Friday, December 3, 2010

The Other New Member of Our Family

In bittersweet news, the time has come for a new car.  This is bitter because I liked my old car and we have only had it for about a year and a half.  It just doesn't make economical sense to switch so soon.  However, my old car was very high maintenance, and apparently, there is only room for one high maintenance member in our family.

Why are you looking at me?!  I could have been referring to Kristopher...

Well, after my dad spent hours researching to find the best new tires (stupid car only takes special order tires, naturally) and alignment deals, and Kristopher's dad spent hours trying to find out what was wrong with the alternator/starter/other stuff I don't know much about, plus a visit to the dealer, and extended stay with a foreign car mechanic, we decided it was time for something else.  Turns out, the car wasn't a lemon or anything.  This maintenance is just normal for that kind of car.  Heavy sigh.

After more hours of research and test-driving -- we don't jump into rash decisions around here, the obsessive research gene runs in my family -- we have an American-made car with even more room than before.  My selfish side marvels at the swift transition from a 2 door car, to a sporty coupe, to a SUV, to an even bigger 3-row SUV, but my practical side understands that it "just makes more sense" for me to drive a big ginormous car.  The quotation is from Kristopher.  If I were to say that in person, I'd probably use air quotes and a mild eye roll.  Just kidding, babe.

It probably seems ridiculous for us to "need" such a big car when we only have two kids (I'm counting baby sister for car seat purposes).  But seriously, its all about the cargo space.  I don't know how we'd fit a double stroller, pack-and-play, bumbo, luggage, and innumerable other pieces of baby paraphernalia without that third row folded down.

So, I'm giving the new car a thumbs-up, although I'm still adjusting to the larger size and working on my terrible depth perception.
Meanwhile, Barrett had his happiest 6h car trip to my parents, ever, in the new car.  Maybe there's something to the whole thing about kids being more comfortable in a bigger car???

But if you see me out and about town, you might want to avoid me because I can't guarantee that I won't accidentally hit you, especially in a parking lot.  Hasn't happened yet...fingers crossed!

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