Wednesday, December 1, 2010

One Small Baby Step = One Giant Leap for Barrett

Barrett took his first steps! 
Let me rephrase: Barrett took a whole bunch of steps behind a Lego wagon.  Although not completely unassisted, he was pushing the wagon on his own and was not holding anyone's hands. 
I'm so excited!  Although I haven't been in a huge rush for him to start walking, it would be convenient if he is walking on his own by the time Charlotte arrives, simply because carrying two babies at once, everywhere, might become problematic.  Fast.

Whoa!  I can push this whole wagon by myself!  And walk behind it!

Kristopher supervised as Barrett went up and down the hall with his wagon, over and over.

Barrett applauded along with everyone else when we were cheering his success


  1. Yeah Barrett! Next up, climbing on top of furniture! That one has rocked my world. :/

  2. YEA!!!! Micah and I are clapping for you too, little guy!