Monday, December 6, 2010

It's Beginning to Look a Lot Like Christmas

If you know me very well at all, you know that I am crazy about Christmas.  Cannot get enough.  Been known to suffer withdrawals when it is time to put away the decorations and the radio station mercilessly cuts off the carols cold-turkey on December 26th.  

This is really "the most wonderful time of the year," in my opinion, and we are in full swing.  The tree is up and decorated, in all of its glory.  I absolutely love it, though it was too fat to get into the house without scratching the door frames -- even through the french doors, eek -- and takes up too much room.  Can you spot Barrett and Sassy playing tug of war with Mr. Reindeer at the bottom of the picture??

We're trying to implement a "just one finger" rule with Barrett around the tree.  Theoretically, he can touch any ornament or present with just one finger, and therefore, can't hurt himself or inflict damage.  It's a great idea, but I think he lacks the self control to do that all the time.  It's just too tempting.  Maybe next year??
We went to the downtown festival of lights recently, and Barrett had fun taking it all in.  They lit the huge tree downtown and had caroling, ice scating, snowballs, and ornament painting.  Kristopher and I went to this every year pre-baby, but this was our first time to bring Barrett.

Next up, Christmas lights at the zoo!!  I'm hoping it warms up briefly so we can take him one evening soon~~  In the meantime, we're spending our free time in the evenings in front of the fire admiring the tree, while Kristopher enjoys some scotch and I sip my warm apple cider.  Contended sigh. 
I wish it would last forever~~~


  1. I'm with you, honey, and agree that's it's The Most Wonderful Time of The Year. Ahhh. The tree. The lights. The fire. The sweet baby! The warm cider. Add to that scented candles. Mmmm . .

  2. Rebecca - everything looks beautiful!!! What a gorgeous tree. I'm sure Barrett is enthralled. Such FUN!!