Friday, December 17, 2010

Charlotte's Nursery

Now that we are almost through December, it seems like Charlotte's late January due date is sneaking up!  We've been slowly putting her nursery together for a while.  Although we still aren't finished, here's what we have so far:
Gingham and toile bedding

Crib and chair
Still trying to decide on a table lamp...

French doors and draperies

Small secretary dresser, closet, and name letters above closet
We're still putting on the finishing touches, like the changing table and wall hangings to go above it.  I had my heart set on some antique French Limoges dessert plates from the 1800s to hang on the wall above the changing table, but I lost to an aggressive bidder at the last second of the ebay auction.  The search will resume after Christmas~~

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  1. Charlotte's room is beautiful....of course! And she will be gorgeous, too. We can't wait to meet her. I will miss you like crazy at the Campbell Christmas today....but I hope to talk to you soon.