Friday, November 19, 2010

Pregnant = Geriatric?

I don't really consider myself old quite yet, considering that I am still safely within my 20s, at least for a little longer.  But I think there's something about pregnancy that temporarily (please, let it be temporary) turns  you into an old lady.  I was prepared for the early bedtime, frequent bathroom trips, propensity for decaf tea, doctors prodding you to wear sensible shoes (I'm not even going to comment on support stockings), and special diet restrictions. 

However, my new hip pain took me by surprise -- this didn't happen last time!  Does pregnancy cause joint pain??  Am I getting old??  The golden years are here already???

Apparently, the baby has settled on my sciatic nerve, which can cause shooting pain into your hip and down your leg (so glamorous, I know).  I had a little taste of this on my left side earlier in pregnancy, but for the most part, it felt like the other contractions I was having related to carrying Barrett around -- he exceeds the weight amount I'm supposed to carry when pregnant, but he doesn't walk yet, so I carry him all the time and put him in and out of his crib/car seat/highchair/etc, its just a reality of life. 

Anyway, this sciatic nerve pain is serious business!  Now that baby Charlotte has re-positioned herself, the pain in my right hip literally takes my breath away!  It's hard to feel like a glamorous, pulled-together mommy when you've developed a slight limp to avoid activating the super-sensitive pain. 

Yesterday, I was half-running/skipping/hurrying to answer the phone when the pain hit me all of the sudden, made my legs stop working, and I fell flat. on. the. floor.  Someone, please bring me the Bengay, a medic alert bracelet, and my AARP application.

And let's face it, the day where Kristopher has to help me up from playing with Barrett on the floor is just around the corner.  Because we all know I'll be stuck there like a turtle on her back.


  1. Oh goodness! I had this issue with my last 2. It hurt me on both sides with the last one. I hope you get some relief soon.
    And my husband had to help me off the floor many times, so don't feel alone when it happens to you.


  2. Not too funny, honey. No more running. Or skipping. Just let the phone ring. Listen to your mama~ or I may have to come live with you until baby Charlotte gets here (!! YIKES!!) I'm just sayin . . . :)

  3. Oh my you make me laugh! I had the same sciatic nerve pain with Nathan! Yuck! You are super mom in my book if you can still pull off the glamorous Mommy look! I told Brian the other day that it is a good day if I get a shower and doing my hair and makeup feels like a faint memory of my past life! Oh, the wonderful joys of being a Mommy of little ones! I wouldn't change a thing. :)
    Careful with all that skipping, hopping, jumping stuff girl!

  4. i have constant hip pain this time around (19 weeks). it feels more like arthritis than anything.