Monday, November 8, 2010

Happy Halloween

When you're getting a 13m old child ready to do something special, especially if it involves a costume or outfit, it is nice to have a dress rehearsal (ie, sorority row trick or treat) before the actual event (Halloween).  It gives you two opportunities to take pictures to document the fun.  I need to write that down somewhere...Because I've learned as a mom, if you don't take pictures, it is as if the event never happened. 

This year, it was even better to give Barrett extra time in his lion costume so he could cultivate his "roar."  Kristopher and I will swear up and down that he can say it, although I don't think he ever said it in anyone else's presence, so we don't have any witnesses. 

In fact, these days, Barrett can say his own equivalent of several words:
::  Hi! and Hey!
::  Bye bye
::  Dada
::  Mama
::  Uh oh (although not always used in the context of something "accidentally" dropped...I think he throws stuff down just to have the opportunity to look up and triumphantly say "uh oh!!")
::  Dog (da)
::  Sassy (sounds like "I see")
::  Alright!! (this one is my favorite, he says it clear as a bell!)
::  Eyes
::  Bath
He can also mimic a slew of other sounds, but I think these are the only "real" words that he consistently says with intention to convey the actual meaning of the word, instead of just repeating it back.  However, don't always expect him to say these things on cue. 
He's like Michigan J. Frog that way...he happily does his song and dance for us...

"Hello my baby!  Hello my honey!  Hello my ragtime gal!"

But, then gets stage fright later. 


Oh well, that's okay~~

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  1. I must read that book! Too funny! I'm going to ask Barrett to say alright next time I see him! That's such a grown up word :) He's too sweet!