Monday, November 8, 2010

Baby Sprinkle for Charlotte Vivienne

My mom and sisters graciously threw a baby sprinkle for Charlotte and it was so much fun!!! 
(By the way, a "sprinkle" is something we made is a smaller, family-version of a baby shower) 

My sisters, niece, aunts and cousin Jen came, with Jen's two precious boys, plus Grandmom and my mom's BFF since before the beginning of time, Mrs. Elaine (who is like an aunt anyway, so it was "all family")  :)  We had a great time!! 

We had a fancy tea party ~ very frilly and feminine ~ perfect for celebrating a little girl. 

Kim, with baby cousin Andrew

Me with Jen

Charlotte was sprinkled by lots of beautiful pink lovies, booties, gowns, dresses, sweaters, and all the trimmings. 

(excuse the facial expression, but notice that the baby lamb is wearing mascara!)

Seeing all of her tiny beautiful things put away in her room makes it all feel so "real" and I can't believe she'll be here before we know it!  It is amazing to know that I love her already, and it feels wonderful to know that so many other people already love her too, along with all of the sweet babies in our family~~

Taking a walk with Aunt Jessica

Cousin Nathan was very sweet to push Barrett in his jumper-turned-swing


  1. Never knew a "Sprinkle" could be so much fun. Baby Charlotte is sure to be a prissy little one all decked out in her beautiful new things - and she'll have her hands full with all these little boys in our families watching over her (for a looong time) :)!

  2. If you love her now, just wait until you hold her for the first time. She will melt your heart! :)