Friday, October 29, 2010

What's in a Name?

Well, after much consideration, we decided not to name our daughter Ida, even though it means we're giving up endless fodder for "I declare" jokes.  I hope no one is too disappointed.

We've been going around and around for months now and I just couldn't settle in on a name. 
Vivienne??  (my favorite secret baby girl name since way before Angelina used it) 
Elaine or Virginia?  (family names)
Madeline or Charlotte? 
Gertrude?  Just kidding, we weren't considering that last one.

It is hard to choose a name for a child -- you want it to grow with them, so that it equally suits an infant, little girl, and future Supreme Court Justice, or whatever career path she chooses.  It must be feminine and elegant, but not too common or cutesy.  Lots of pressure, huh?

This happened to me last pregnancy too.  I am normally very in touch with my opinions and can easily decide what I want -- this skill is very handy when picking out paint colors or other stuff for the house.  However, all of that good sense flies out the window when its time to choose a child's name.  This frustrates me to no end, and I just end up annoyed with myself for my failure to make a decision.  For goodness sake, I have a whole stack of blank baby clothes sitting beside my monogramming machine, just waiting, so it is decision time!!  At the extreme grace of my friends, family, and most especially Kristopher, who all discussed this with me ad nauseum, we've decided:

Charlotte Vivienne

So exciting~ now that I can officially put a name to the little lady who kicks and turns all day, I feel closer to her already :)


  1. Beautiful! Elegant! Perfect and personal. I can't wait to meet little Charlotte Vivienne! :)

  2. I LOVE IT!! Welcome, little Charlotte! Grammy & Grandpa love you already (whatever name was chosen.) :)

  3. Names are the hardest. I love Charlotte Vivienne. Very timeless. I am sure she will be beautiful! And don't worry if it changes again, that is your right!