Friday, October 29, 2010

ROAR!: A Little Lion Trial Run

When I got the invite from my alumna association, I knew that trick-or-treating on sorority row would be the perfect chance to break in Barrett's Halloween costume and squeeze in some extra fall festivities before Christmas season starts.  Because I am definitely planning to start listening to the all-carols-all-the-time radio station, as soon as it starts up, which I think is before Thanksgiving!  Yay!

Anyway, the sorority row trick-or-treat is great~ the police limit the street to pedestrian traffic and all of the girls at each house dress up and pass out candy to the kiddos.

We loaded Barrett up in his little red wagon and were on our way~
I waaaaayyyy underestimated the crowd -- there were kids everywhere and even a pretty decent "line" to walk up to each house.  Hm.  Mental note to go earlier next year. 
Barrett was overwhelmed by all the swarming kids.  He usually gets shy around children who are older than him and a little too curious about kids that are younger than him -- he can't keep his hands off his baby cousins!

We visited with friends and had lots of fun, even though Barrett was burning up under all that lion fur and we ended up unzipping his little costume to let him catch a breeze! 

Luckily, the lion costume still came out fluffy after the handwash cycle on our washing machine... 
Halloween night will be cooler, so hopefully he'll be more comfortable.  In the meantime, we're teaching him to say ROAR, which is adorable, but rarely occurs on cue at the crucial "trick-or-treat" moment.  Oh well~~


  1. LOVE his costume...he is too cute!!!

  2. Ohhh, Barrett is ADORABLE in his lion costume. Have to admit, he does look happier without the hat part on, but maybe he won't mind now that it is cooler. And love that he carried his sippy cup in the wagon with him for refreshment . . too cute :)