Thursday, September 16, 2010

Slow Down!

I guess I'm feeling the pressure of his First Birthday, because it seems that Barrett is growing up too fast -- he woke up yesterday morning with his fourth tooth!  Now, he has two top teeth and two bottom teeth.  Such a big boy.  He got his third tooth while we were at the beach last week, and now I guess they are going to keep coming.  I can see several other teeth through his baby gums.  Happily, he seems to be taking the teething-thing in stride (I hope lightening doesn't strike me for that one).
Because we are rounding the corner into Barrett birthday, it seems like a good time for a review of his likes, dislikes, etc.  I know you are on the edge of your seat.  Feel free to scroll past, as this post will probably only interest me, Kristopher, Barrett's grandparents, and my sister. 
Food: he eats almost exclusively "pick up foods" (food he can pick up and feed himself).  Favorites are blueberries, black beans, peas, cheese cubes, cheerios or puffs, and any other kind of fruit.  He waffles on sweet potato cubes and squash/zucchini.  He's not so wild about ground beef (although he ate it when I used to fix it as a puree?) but he did like my dad's steak filet.  Big surprise, huh? 
Sippy Cup: He loves his sippy cup, especially when it is filled with water and ice cubes.  (Ironic, because he prefers his bottles  I think I'm going to at least try a cold-turkey transition to cows milk in a sippy cup after we get the go-ahead from the pediatrician at his 12m check up.  I'm hopeful it will work.  I had to stop nursing Barrett when I was pregnant with the new baby, and he took the transition to bottles a-okay (it wasn't a shocking transition, after all -- he had bottles occasionally all along if Kristopher fed him or we had a babysitter, etc.)  Maybe the transition from bottle to sippy cup will be the same?

Favorite pastimes:
1.  Swings.  He can't get enough.  We go try out the swings at the park, or just swing for a few minutes in the swing Kristopher set up under the pool cabana.  So much fun to watch him squeal!

2.  Also, he loves bath time.  I usually refill the tub for him a few times until his baby toes get wrinkly so he can prolong the splashing, babbling, and playing with his boats.  I love this time of day too ~ there is nothing in the world like wrapping up your still-damp sweet smelling baby and hearing him coo while you get him dressed for bed.  I'm really trying to cherish these little moments because I these days are numbered.
3.  And finally, rough housing with daddy.  I used to be nervous about how cavalier Kristopher would be when he threw him up in the air or tickled him until he could hardly breathe for all of the giggles, but it is so fun to watch, I can't help it.  Maybe motherhood is making me....dare I say it??....more laid back?  Whoa.

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  1. He looks like he's giving you his thumbs-up on his big news about cutting all those teeth. What a big boy with his sippy cup and liking ice cold water - no wonder, on days when it's 100 degrees outside! And the new swing sure is cute. Another fun pastime - Grammies really know how to push a swing!