Friday, September 17, 2010

Extra, Extra, Read All About It!

Barrett is the cover baby for this issue of Wee Believe, the magazine for our local Children's Hospital! 
You can find Barrett on the cover, the front inside page, and pages 4-5.
They took some cute photos of him and did a great job with his story.  Watch your mailbox!  You can sign up on the mailing list here, if you want:

In baby sister news, we recently had a sonogram, and she looks perfect!  Her heart appears to be functioning properly, and she has all of her other parts in the right spot (spine, brain, all fingers and toes, etc.)  We go for specific fetal heart monitoring tests next week, but I'm not worried.  Barrett's condition is not necessarily hereditary (unless you have bizarre markers, like different colored eyes or a blond forelock, which we don't have).  Besides, it was a 1 in 2 million chance the first time, so I've decided that the odds are in our favor. 
We are starting to set up her nursery, and it is so much fun.  Tori gave me the heads up for the coolest website -- -- for custom baby bedding.  You pick different fabrics for each part of the bedding and the website puts it all together and shows you the picture of what it will look like.  I'm super-traditional, so I just did pink toile and pink gingham, but they have all types of color combinations.  So fun!

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  1. I LOVE the pink! Hehe!! So much fun! So excited for you guys! Love you!