Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Birthday Boy

Barrett turned one year old yesterday!  Happy Birthday Barrett!! 
I can't believe all that has happened in the last year. 
We had a small birthday party for Barrett over the weekend, which was a blast.  It was wonderful to have friends and family around to celebrate his big day with us. 

A little hesitant on the cake at first....

But, he decided to dig in anyway!

Splashing in the pool~~
Learning to ride his first four wheeler...must remember to steer around the birthday china!

He recently picked up a few new words: uh oh, dog (sounds like da, but he says it to Sassy), and most notably -- MAMA!  Finally, yay!  Also, he's drinking whole milk from a sippy cup and is doing well, except that he still wants his milk warm (not cold from the fridge) so there's still some work to do.  I'm easing him into it...I don't want to do too many new things at once and un-do his progress.

On Tuesday, the official Birth Day, Barrett played on his swing at home...

Had some birthday cake after lunch...

And then took a long afternoon stroll to the park to play on the swings and slides. 

It was a great day.  Here's to many more birthdays!!

Thursday, September 23, 2010

Spelling Lesson

My sister, Kim, gave Barrett a puzzle that spells out his name.  He loves it so much, I think it is his favorite toy du jour
However, I am seriously concerned that we are going to lose a letter -- it is not unusual for Kristopher to hear me from the nursery saying "Wait!!  I can't find one of the "T"s!  Have you seen a green "T" anywhere??  ...  Shoot, I just knew I was going to lose a letter...Nevermind, it was in the pocket of Barrett's overalls."  Crisis averted.
I'm hoping that soon he will like to spell his name as much as he likes to suck on the wooden letters and carry them around in his pockets.

Monday, September 20, 2010

The Joys of Motherhood

It's not really a surprise, because everyone tells you its going to happen, but it is still shocking how much your life changes when you have a baby.  I've been thinking about this a lot lately, now that I'm past the half way mark of adding another bundle of joy to our little family.  In fact, I think about a lot of things that I never thought about before.  For example:

:: I recently realized that I am responsible for the maintenance and grooming of 80 fingernails/toenails (Barrett, baby sister, Sassy, and me).  Whoa.  Doesn't that sound like a lot??

:: I used to consider myself an excellent multi-tasker, when in reality, I was just a rookie...these days, I feel lazy if I'm not simultaneously preparing the baby's meal, making funny faces to ensure Barrett that zucchini really is yummy, returning a phone call, and adding something else to the to-do list (because, sadly, if its not on The List, there's no chance I'll remember).

:: As of January 2011, I will have been pregnant for 18 of the preceding 24 months.  That's 75%, although technically, I think I should get half credit for the 6 months in the middle because I was nursing, which is similar to being pregnant because of the diet restrictions and time commitment...(and while we're at it, maybe double credit for the month I was pregnant + nursing??)

:: I no longer measure time in hours and minutes.  Instead, I use "nap time."  For example:
Old life: "I can finish that brief in about 8 hours." 
Mom life: "I'll need 3 naps, plus an after-baby-goes-to-bed work session to finish that brief."  Of course, the "nap time" method of measuring time is a lot less accurate, considering the baby may not actually take the scheduled naps.  This method also assumes that you can devote an entire nap time to one task.  I admit it is a flawed system.

::  I always thought it was strange when people would speak to my baby in baby-talk or directly ask him a question and expect me to respond on his behalf (isn't that awkward??  He can't talk yet.  I never understood that...).  Now, I just answer for him, even though no one was speaking to me, because that is less awkward than the lingering expectant silence following their question.  But, I do not refer to myself in the third person as "Mommy" or "Mama."  You have to draw the line somewhere.

:: I now know that there is no such thing as a quick in-and-out trip to the grocery store with a baby in tow.  After getting him set up in the grocery cart (easier said than done -- strategically hunt for a spot next to a shopping cart return, hop out of car and grab a cart, set up grocery cart cover to protect baby from germs, wrangle baby out of car seat, and put in cart with a toy that is clipped to him so he can't throw it on the floor, then enter store only to realize that baby's skin got pink with sun between the car and the store and now receive disapproving looks or comments like "My!  Someone sure got a lot of sun!") I can usually expect 2-3 fellow shoppers to stop to talk to the baby (see previous bullet point).  Double that on seniors day.  Honestly, grocery shopping has never been more fun~ it just isn't quick anymore.

:: Pre-baby, I could easily recite code articles and statutes (I never said I wasn't a goober).  Now, I know Goodnight Moon, Pat the Bunny, I'll See You in the Morning, and the lyrics to an untold number of children's songs by heart.  And I'm equally proud of both skill sets. 

:: I consider the exersaucer "put away" when it is in a designated corner by the grandfather clock, even though it is technically still in the middle of the living room.  I swore up and down I would never do that, but hey, an exersaucer is necessary to everyday life. 

All in all, a lot of things change.  But the bottom line is that I wouldn't go back to the way things were for anything in the world.  Babies are only babies for a short time, and once they grow up, its over.  Being Barrett's mother has taught me to stop and smell the roses (or cherrios, as is more likely) and not take any of it for granted.  It turns out, the little things are the things that matter most.
(ending Hallmark card sappyness)

Friday, September 17, 2010

Extra, Extra, Read All About It!

Barrett is the cover baby for this issue of Wee Believe, the magazine for our local Children's Hospital! 
You can find Barrett on the cover, the front inside page, and pages 4-5.
They took some cute photos of him and did a great job with his story.  Watch your mailbox!  You can sign up on the mailing list here, if you want:

In baby sister news, we recently had a sonogram, and she looks perfect!  Her heart appears to be functioning properly, and she has all of her other parts in the right spot (spine, brain, all fingers and toes, etc.)  We go for specific fetal heart monitoring tests next week, but I'm not worried.  Barrett's condition is not necessarily hereditary (unless you have bizarre markers, like different colored eyes or a blond forelock, which we don't have).  Besides, it was a 1 in 2 million chance the first time, so I've decided that the odds are in our favor. 
We are starting to set up her nursery, and it is so much fun.  Tori gave me the heads up for the coolest website -- -- for custom baby bedding.  You pick different fabrics for each part of the bedding and the website puts it all together and shows you the picture of what it will look like.  I'm super-traditional, so I just did pink toile and pink gingham, but they have all types of color combinations.  So fun!

Thursday, September 16, 2010

Slow Down!

I guess I'm feeling the pressure of his First Birthday, because it seems that Barrett is growing up too fast -- he woke up yesterday morning with his fourth tooth!  Now, he has two top teeth and two bottom teeth.  Such a big boy.  He got his third tooth while we were at the beach last week, and now I guess they are going to keep coming.  I can see several other teeth through his baby gums.  Happily, he seems to be taking the teething-thing in stride (I hope lightening doesn't strike me for that one).
Because we are rounding the corner into Barrett birthday, it seems like a good time for a review of his likes, dislikes, etc.  I know you are on the edge of your seat.  Feel free to scroll past, as this post will probably only interest me, Kristopher, Barrett's grandparents, and my sister. 
Food: he eats almost exclusively "pick up foods" (food he can pick up and feed himself).  Favorites are blueberries, black beans, peas, cheese cubes, cheerios or puffs, and any other kind of fruit.  He waffles on sweet potato cubes and squash/zucchini.  He's not so wild about ground beef (although he ate it when I used to fix it as a puree?) but he did like my dad's steak filet.  Big surprise, huh? 
Sippy Cup: He loves his sippy cup, especially when it is filled with water and ice cubes.  (Ironic, because he prefers his bottles  I think I'm going to at least try a cold-turkey transition to cows milk in a sippy cup after we get the go-ahead from the pediatrician at his 12m check up.  I'm hopeful it will work.  I had to stop nursing Barrett when I was pregnant with the new baby, and he took the transition to bottles a-okay (it wasn't a shocking transition, after all -- he had bottles occasionally all along if Kristopher fed him or we had a babysitter, etc.)  Maybe the transition from bottle to sippy cup will be the same?

Favorite pastimes:
1.  Swings.  He can't get enough.  We go try out the swings at the park, or just swing for a few minutes in the swing Kristopher set up under the pool cabana.  So much fun to watch him squeal!

2.  Also, he loves bath time.  I usually refill the tub for him a few times until his baby toes get wrinkly so he can prolong the splashing, babbling, and playing with his boats.  I love this time of day too ~ there is nothing in the world like wrapping up your still-damp sweet smelling baby and hearing him coo while you get him dressed for bed.  I'm really trying to cherish these little moments because I these days are numbered.
3.  And finally, rough housing with daddy.  I used to be nervous about how cavalier Kristopher would be when he threw him up in the air or tickled him until he could hardly breathe for all of the giggles, but it is so fun to watch, I can't help it.  Maybe motherhood is making me....dare I say it??....more laid back?  Whoa.

Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Soon-To-Be Birthday Boy

Have you heard the news??

Barrett is almost a year old!
My sister-in-law came over with her fancy camera and cool photography ideas and we shot some pics of Barrett to comemorate the upcoming day.  Unfortunately, Barrett was not feeling his friskiest for the photo shoot.  Poor baby had the beginnings of a cold.

He tried cake for the first time -- I was expecting this to be a real treat!!  But, when I put that first little dab of icing in his mouth in anticipationn of a big smile for the camera, I got a grimace!  Can you believe?? 

He isn't wild about sweets.  Hm.  He must get that from his daddy (because it wasn't from me!)  I guess this is what I get for feeding him fresh asparagus and peas and beans for his meals and saving things like sweet potatoes and blueberries for treats. 
Regardless, the birthday boy is very excited about his upcoming party, and so are we.  I can't believe he is already a year old!  Sheesh!