Friday, August 20, 2010

Well, I Declare

We went to the doctor on Monday to learn the gender of our new baby!!  It was so exciting, I love getting sonograms to see the baby anyway, but finding out the gender is the most fun because from then on, you can really imagine what life will be like with the new baby and whether to get geared up for ballet recitals or football games. 
Due to unforeseen circumstances, I didn't get to announce my pregnancy to Kristopher's family in a special way this time, as originally planned. So, we decided to do something fun to announce the gender. 

We ordered a cake baked with either pink or blue frosting inside, so the gender would be revealed when we cut the cake that evening for dessert!  Guess what?


We've already started talking about names, but have not decided yet.  I've always thought it would be hi-lar-ious to name a daughter Ida, considering our last name is Klar (pronounced "Claire," by the way.  Tricky, I know).  So, say it to yourself outloud....Ida Klar....I declare....ha!  Okay, maybe I'm just a cheeseball, but that one gets me every time. 
We are so excited!


  1. yay! congrats! i always said i would be just fine having all boys but i'm so in love with my baby girl!


  2. Congrats! I told you it was a girl kind of year!!! Girls are so much fun- you'll love it. How nice for her to have a big brother too.

  3. What a cute idea! You are so creative! I just LOVE the pink on the inside of the cake and am so excited that you guys are having a little girl!

  4. Baby, Baby, Baby!! We've been having so much fun with Baby Barrett and are totally into baby blue and little boys, And NOW, we get to top it off with a fluffy little girl! Thanks for adding to our fun - we're tickled pink!

  5. I KNEW IT!!! I've been hiding out at home, thinking how great it would be for y'all to have a girl, and here you go... :D Lately I've been crocheting up a storm, and have just found a couple books with GREAT patterns for little dresses... (dresses are just easier to make, sorry, boys.)

  6. I LOVE that idea - I heard about it on the radio a few months ago and was just tickled. They called it a sex party, so I almost switched the station, no dirty talk in the new car.