Monday, August 9, 2010

Remember Me?

Alright, whew!  After a somewhat lengthy blog hiatus, I'm back, but without a camera cord, so no pictures.  Bummer.
We successfully moved from our old house to our new house on my birthday, last Tuesday.  I don't necessarily recommend moving on your birthday...not a glamorous way to spend your day at all.  But, if you focus on the overall big picture of having a fun new house, it really helps.  :)  My mom saved the day/week/month by sweeping into town to help take care of the baby (okay fine, take care of all of us) during the move.  Lifesaver.  Kristopher and my mom got my veryfavoritecakeinthewholeworld, so that was a wonderful treat that we enjoyed birthday night in the new house, even though we didn't get a chance to sit down and enjoy it until about 11p.  Cake is a suitable meal anytime of day. 
Moving when (1) your new house is still being remodeled (ie, you can't really put the new stuff anywhere yet), (2) with a busy 10m old baby that kinda hinders packing or ability to do much of anything at a time, when (3) you are also exhausted, nauseous, and pregnant = not easy.  I'm just saying.  But, I'm sure people do it every day, and we are lucky ducks to have help from family.  Suffice it to say, I'm glad the move is officially behind us.
Only problem...the house isn't ready for the baby yet because there is still painting and sheetrocking going on.  The fumes from the paint and the unbelievably pervasive dust from the sheetrocking is not baby compatible, so the baby and I evacuated to my parents until the dirty work is finished and Barrett can stay in the house.  Hopefully not too much longer because we miss Kristopher~~
Meanwhile, I think Barrett was saving up all of his new tricks until right after the move when he would be more likely to have additional undivided attention and not just semi-distracted grown-ups who keep moving boxes around.
First, he started feeding himself~ Before, he bent his little head down to my hand if I offered him a cheerio in my palm and lapped it up.  Now, he will pick it up with his fingers and pop it in his mouth!  Next up, mastering chopsticks!  just kidding.
Also, he pulled himself up to standing. He has been standing by holding onto my hands for a while, but always if I helped him up. And then, one day when he was sitting in my lap, he just grabbed onto the footboard of the bed and pulled himself up. Big boy!!
Finally, as his grand finale, he can meaningfully scoot/inchworm in all directions, including the ever-elusive forward scooting!  Grandpa has been hazing working with Barrett every single evening.  It works!  For the longest time, Barrett only went backwards or sideways, but we just hadn't found interesting enough bait...I was finishing a brief on my laptop yesterday and he was sitting a few feet in front of me, patiently waiting with a toy until I got to a stopping point and could fix his dinner.  Normally, he will stay there, but the laptop was too tempting in all its shiny, blinking glory.  He inchwormed straight forward to it as if he'd done it a million times before.  And then, I'd put him back to his original spot, and he'd just scoot straight forward again.  Proud moments~~

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  1. getting aaron to pick up his own snacks was a chore for me. but well worth it. i had to literally put a cheerio between his fingers and shove it in his mouth myself. then i had to refuse to help him in the future. but it worked!