Monday, July 5, 2010

Yankee Doodle

Happy Fourth of July!!  We didn't make it to the fireworks show because it was past Barrett's bedtime, and we didn't do sparklers at home because Sassy is still scarred from the last time (literally....who knew sparklers could explode and accidentally light your dog on fire from five feet away???), but we fit in plenty of other patriotic festivities to celebrate the Fourth.  On Saturday, we had ribs with Kristopher's family, and on Sunday we relaxed at home and enjoyed strawberry shortcake.

Please don't judge the accuracy of my blueberry stars and strawberry stripes...I was just going for an overall effect.

This was always a favorite holiday because every year my parents took us to the Fourth of July celebration with face painting and swimming races topped off by sitting on the golf course watching the best fireworks in town.  I want to create those memories for Barrett too. 
So, next year: fireworks!  But don't worry Sass, no sparklers in your presence ever again.  Promise.


  1. Barrett doesn't look like he minds one bit about missing the fireworks. And - maybe we could get our hands on some sparklers before the next celebration (birthdays?) so he could could see for himself how cool they are - from a distance of course! What a GREAT trifle - had no idea it was actually a flag!

  2. So fun! We took Nathan to see the fireworks thinking we could just stretch him past his bedtime. And well... he was not that impressed with the "lights in the sky" and was insulted that we tried to keep him up past his bedtime! Ha! Maybe he will enjoy it more next year!! :)

  3. Micah and I were just checking out the blog together. I was totally impressed that Barrett had a 4th of July outfit (not surprised, of course, but impressed at his obvious show of patriotism). Micah was so impressed with the strawberry shortcake that he insisted I give you a shout-out from him about how beautiful and delicious it looked! :) His other comment was how big and beautiful Barrett is!!! Can't wait to see you again soon. I love you!