Friday, July 9, 2010

Same Song, Different Verse

We've been busy doing lots more of the same stuff.  Namely, packing.  Our strategy is to pack slowly so we can keep it organized and it doesn't become frantic and overwhelming.  Main goal = have everything as packed as possible at the old house before we close on the new house, at which time our focus will shift to renovating the new house as fast as humanly possible so it is ready on our fast-approaching move-in date.  So far, so good, except that there are only a few days left...good thing it is the weekend, so we will both be around to get it all done.
Barrett is not necessarily able to help pack, but he is definitely an enthusiastic sidekick.

Also, we took Barrett to the doctor yesterday for more follow up blood work regarding the mysterious fever.  Should have the results in a week or so (they have to mail it off this time so it takes longer).  Poor little guy had FOUR band aids -- one on each arm and leg.  He knows what is about to happen now before they even get out the needles.  He starts to cry when they tie the rubber band around his upper arm.  I don't blame him.  Kristopher came with me for the blood work this time, so it was A Big Help; he had never seen them draw his blood (aside from the ER or ICU, of course).

On a side note, he loves to play with his toy basket.  I keep his toys in baskets in a somewhat futile effort to confine clutter.  When I sit him down to play, I just put the basket in front of him -- without taking anything out -- because his favorite part is to take the toys out of the basket, not necessarily play with the toys themselves.  When they are all out, he might whimper, so I'll put them back in for him and he starts slowing taking them out again.  Anyway, here he is playing with his #1 most fascinating toy: a basket~  Go figure!

Finally, an update on Barrett's star status:

- The local NBC news people came to film Barrett today for a medical miracle segment they are doing as part of the evening news broadcast. Everything went well, but I felt a little unprepared since we've been so focused on moving/getting ready for the renovation. Barrett was a champ and Kristopher and I gave separate interviews this time. Funny how it doesn't get easier to tell that story.
- A few weeks back, the Children's Hospital asked if they could use Barrett's story for an article in the hospital's magazine, Wee Believe. And today, they called to ask if they could feature Barrett on the cover! Can you believe it? His "photo shoot" is coming up soon, I can't wait to see the professional photos. If you need Barrett, he'll be in his dressing room. Probably playing with his basket.

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  1. Grandpa is looking at the pics of Barrett over my shoulder and we are laughing as we read . . . so cute! More celebrity news??? Grandpa says he probably has lots more magazine covers he will make! heehee ~ We see how much he likes the boxes ~~ don't box him up!