Thursday, July 22, 2010

No More Sleeping With the Fishes

When we bough the new house, Barrett's room had a very intricate underwater mural.  Hm.

Although it looks like it took someone a whole lot of time painting these incredibly detailed (and indelible..) painted creatures, it just wasn't Barrett's style.  So, we had to prime over it.  No more sleeping with the fishes.  Paint to come soon.

Progress in the rest of the house is coming along.  The old cabinets, appliances, and soffit are all out and the new cabinets are in (appliances to follow later). 
Kristopher and his Dad worked with the crew all weekend to make things go as quickly as possible!
The "new" kitchen is bigger without the wall between the kitchen and keeping room.

Spot for ovens on the left with cook top and beginnings of range hood in the middle.

We took out two walls to make the kitchen/living area more open, and the floor guys are in the middle of refinishing the hardwoods.  Progress!  Next up, sheet rock guys to fix the spots where we moved walls or light fixtures and then painters.  Oh, and counter tops, back splash, and fixtures will be installed somewhere in there too.  Think we can do it all by next weekend??  Fingers crossed.  Toes too, just for good measure!


  1. rebecca, you didn't want to keep the mural??? :) i'll have to come visit next time i'm at my parents! they are on west woodruff

  2. I'd love for you to come visit! We are there all the time on the weekends working on the house and move in the first week of August.
    I really did feel bad about painting over that mural...someone spent a lot of time on it...but, I just couldn't keep it!