Thursday, July 22, 2010

Celebrity Baby Update

Barrett's doctors recommended him for a medical miracle segment for the local news and the reporters came to our house for the interviews. It is never easy to tell that story, but I didn't remember getting this misty-eyed! Geez! It looks like we're crying the whole time! Maybe they used those parts on purpose?  It is so hard to watch yourself on these things; maybe I am just a chronic goober.  But, I thought they told his story nicely, and it will be great addition to his baby book!

Anyway, here's the link to the story and video:

In other famous baby news, his cover photo shoot for the Children's Hospital magazine went well yesterday.  The magazine is for our local Children's Hospital, but it just won a national award for non-profit publications.  Alright!  Our Children's Hospital plays such an important role in our community, and a particularly important role in our life with Barrett, and we are happy to do anything we can to help.
Can you believe that the pictures from the shoot made Barrett's hair come out RED??  As in a full-blown red headed child.  I was surprised.  Maybe it was the lighting?  I know his hair looks reddish sometimes, but it can also look light brown or dark blond.  I wonder what color it will end up? 
I won't be able to post the photographer's proofs, but I'll post a link to the magazine with his pictures when it comes out next month.

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  1. OHH what an amazing news segment. I watched and couldn't help but get teary over it. Barrett is SO GOOD LOOKING! He just looks awesome on TV. And I must say that you and Kris are pretty amazing, too. My favorite part - Barrett is a miracle baby....prayer works....and prayer is STILL working! Isn't God awesome?!?!? :)~

    I can't wait to see the magazine photos. Red, dark blond, light brown....regardless, he is the most precious babe ever! I already love one red-headed nephew - and another that's strawberry blond. NO DOUBT that Barrett is adorable in any light. Can't wait to see the photos!!! And I even more can't wait to see you SOOOOON for birthday week.

    Love you ALL!