Monday, June 14, 2010


Well, it's official!  We're moving!
That's right, we bought a new house, signed all the papers, had an inspection, and the transition is underway.  Luckily, the new house is not far from our current house, so life will not change too drastically.  The new house is larger than our current home, has a pool, and is in a "grown up" neighborhood, very exciting.  Plus, we have several friends with young kiddos in the same neighborhood, super fun!
The house hoopla is part of the aforementioned busyness -- getting everything squared away and planning renovations for the new house; getting the old house ready to go on the market, etc.
I will miss our old house; we have so many good memories here.  Not to mention that Kristopher and I completely renovated it ourselves, with the help of lots of family and friends.  Ahhh......memories.....I'm getting sappy about it already and we haven't even moved yet.
Now our house is on the market, as of this afternoon, and our realtor told us to brace for a flood of showings (i.e., be prepared to vacate the premises -- but leave it in perfect condition -- at the drop of a hat).  Hopefully, it will sell quickly so I don't have to keep up that routine for too long :)

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  1. How exciting! A pool and a grown up neighborhood, I'm so happy for you guys! Give sweet Barrett kisses from me! He's too cute and growing so fast. (I think he's really favoring you too!)