Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Back in the Saddle

I'm going to get back on a regular blogging schedule, really.  I won't bore you with my excuses, it's just fallen by the wayside lately.
Anywho, Barrett is thriving and now officially eats his meals in a high chair.  Very grown up, huh?  I don't want to jinx it, but he's liked almost all of the foods I've tried, although sometimes I cheat and swirl in a cube of apples or pears if I'm giving him something questionable, like asparagus, because honestly, would you want to eat steamed purred asparagus by itself?  That's what I thought... 
He's getting so heavy that it's hard to lug him around for long period of time! 
Not much on the mobility front, unless you count jumping in his jumper, which he does LOTS of -- but no crawling (I'm secretly grateful for that, for now, because it is so much easier to contain him) but he scoots backwards and stands up when you hold his hands.
In my quest to loosen up a little bit, I've started taking him to the nursery at the gym when I go to work out, so his social horizons are expanding and he's making new friends. 
He's getting pretty good at playing with his blocks!  He can pick one block off the top of a stack without knocking down all of the ones under it.  I'm impressed :)
We attended the drawing for the Children's Hospital Miracle Mansion and a really nice couple won the house! They were thrilled -- they are both teachers and have a baby, so the house was a real blessing. We've had such a wonderful experience helping the Children's Hospital, I hope we have the opportunity to do more to help.

More to come soon~~

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  1. 2 new favorite pics for me! Pretty mama & baby and pretty baby holding a block and . . has he discovered how much fun his own feet are? P-r-e-t-t-y cute, especially in that cool seersucker froggie outfit.