Tuesday, May 4, 2010

You Give Me Fe-Vah

Although Barrett's fever temporarily broke to 100.3 a few weeks ago, it came back 101.4 full strength the very next day.  He's been fighting it off for about a month now.  His doctors have run all kinds of tests -- several rounds of bloodwork to look for viruses or the usual suspects, urinalysis (via catheter, ouch), the whole kit and kaboodle.  Nada.  Normally, I love normal.  But, this is perplexing since his fever persists.  At the visit with the pediatrician this afternoon, I got marching orders to monitor his temperature without Tylenol and report in the morning.  If he has anything over 100.4, we have to start the next round of tests looking for more serious stuff (chest x-rays, bone scans, etc.)
I even bought a new thermometer on the way home, just to make sure I had as small a margin of error as possible.  His temp was 100.9.  Boo.  The doctor said they will start testing for cancers and other weird stuff, since they've tested for all the normal stuff already.  These words definitely fall into the Words a Mother Never Wants to Hear category.  However, I'm glad his doctors are willing to do whatever it takes to get to the bottom of it.
I have a good feeling about this because he is not overly lethargic and his other blood tests were normal.  So, chin up! 
And just for fun, here are some more pics of Barrett with his friend, Mr. Elephant:


  1. Sweet baby boy! I hate that he has been sick. We love you guys and are prayin for you! Give him lots of sugars from us!!!!

  2. Oh goodness! Poor baby! I'll keep in (and you and dad) in my prayers.


  3. We pray for Baby Barrett every night!! I hope the doctors will be able to find out what's going on very soon and hopefully they'll be able to make his fever go away!! He always looks so happy, you'd never know he was sick!!

  4. Sweet sweet baby, even when he is sick! But Mama & Daddy are on top of this (but you must be exhausted!) and I just know doctors are going to figure out what is wrong, and little Barrett will be fine again. :) P.S. I love the new outfit!