Monday, May 17, 2010

Sweet Home Alabama

We went for a quick weekend trip to visit my family in Birmingham this weekend.  I've always tried to visit home as often as possible, and now it is even more important with a grows-so-fast-don't-blink-cause-you'll-miss-it baby.  And everyone is crazy over him, which I love, of course :)

Playing with Grammy

Telling Grandmom all of his secrets

The daily persistent fever is still hanging on in the 100.3 -- 100.7 range, but all of the scary test results came back negative, so the fever is likely "drug fever" attributable to the increased dosage of one of his strong heart medicine.  At this point, some over-reactive mothers (okay, me) would freak out at the prospect of reducing the meds that keep his heart under control.  But, his cardiologist said that he doesn't want to take any chances of Barrett's "wicked-bad" rhythm disturbance returning, so the dosage can stay the same for now.  Who-hoo!


  1. Love the pic of Grammy and Barrett...what a cutie pie - and Barrett's not too bad either. Seriously, Jan looks too young to be anyone's grammy!

  2. That is one good looking baby. I asked Grandmom what secrets Barrett was telling.....and she wouldn't tell!!!! So his secrets are safe with her. And can I just say what a great pic of Grammy that is?!?! WOW! Grammy and Barrett = GORGEOUS!!!!

  3. I know! I'm hoping we inherit the aging-gracefully genes (not that they are a day over 45 and 70, respecfully, if you can even call that "aging"). Both Mama and Grandmom look like a million bucks~

  4. Aw, you sweet girls, you know how to make an ol grammy feel mighty good ~~ and yeah, little Barrett is a cutie pie for sure!