Tuesday, May 4, 2010


We just got back from our first beach vacation with baby Barrett.  We went to Seaside, Florida -- the best place on earth.  Everything is just so, the people are nice, the food is great, the whole town is idyllic.  Ahh......If you've never been, I definitely recommend it. 

They have someone whose job it is to make sure the chaise lounges are all set to the same height every morning so they look perfect.  How could you not love this place??

Barrett liked testing out the sand -- I was shocked!  I still remember the pictures and stories my parents have of me, and my hatred for the sand.  I still do hate sand....it just gets everywhere and makes you feel grainy, ick.  Sand should stay where it belongs, like in exfoliating scrub.  Anyway, Barrett was intrigued by the sand, but never had a chance to become a full-throttle beach baby on account of the gale force winds. 

Kristopher was a good sport though and dragged all of our many beach accoutrements down so we could enjoy it for five minutes before heading back to the pool. 
Guess who had matching swim trunks?

We loved the pool~~ and if Barrett got sleepy, we could just roll his wagon under the cabana so he could have a little snooze.
All in all, it was a great vacation, and gave us a chance to kick our feet up and relax. 


  1. people with kids who can sleep anywhere make me sick! hehe.

  2. Looks like a happy beach baby to me! Good thing he likes it, right? I just love the pics where his little soft fluff is blowing in the breeze :)

  3. Camille -- don't be too impressed, this was a rare occurrence. And apparently, it wasn't a good idea because he got windburn (I guess it wasn't sunburn?? -- he was in the SHADE) on that little part of his back and arms. Shoot.
    Thanks Mama!! More pictures of the windblown hair to come...

  4. We just got back from the beach too! We tried to get Vera to nap out there, but she wouldn't. The girl loves a crib!! I guess there are worse things!!

    Anyway, she loved the sand too, and the cold water in the pool. She and Barrett definitely need to meet; they have so much in common!