Wednesday, May 19, 2010

MacGyver Baby

It happened again.  In the time I went from the checkout to the car, the receipt was stealthily removed from my purse and promptly shredded.  Does this happen to anyone else??

Here's the thing -- this is not the first time (or the second, or even the fourteenth...)  All of that lawyerin' and learnin' and I've been outsmarted by a 7m old.  Repeatedly.  Yes, I know some of those words were misspelled.  So Sioux me. 
Anyway, the very next day, we were in another store and this happened:

How did he grab my wallet so quickly??  Good thing he doesn't have chompers yet or there would be teeth marks on the corner.

Let me be clear: it's not like I leave Barrett at the front of the store to hang out while I wander around squeezing produce and perusing the sugar-free whole grain aisle (okay, fine, more likely the ice cream aisle, but who's counting?) He's always within immediate reach and I'm watching him carefully. But he's fast! And sneaky... I better start training or something so I can keep up with him once he starts crawling.

1 comment:

  1. He's just keeping it fresh every day ~~ doing his part to make sure you stay sharp!
    Pretty t-r-i-c-k-y little guy if you ask me. And pretty mama & baby in the Alabama treetops!