Monday, May 10, 2010

And That's Why I'm Not a Doctor

Really, it was a perfect storm of circumstances that led up to it.
  • Things were pretty on edge around our house last week as we waited for the results of Barrett's blood tests and worried about all of the bad things that could be causing the prolonged fever.
  • I broke my cardinal rule and googled potential causes of fever of unknown origin and learned about all of the scary things that could be wrong, especially for a tiny patient with a history of heart problems.  A little bit of medical knowledge is a dangerous thing for a non-doctor, especially for my over-analytical attorney mind...
  • On Thursday, we gave a speech to 600 people at a fundraiser for the Children's Hospital to tell how they saved Barrett's life and why the Children's Hospital is so important to the community.  Even though we've come to grips with everything that has happened, it is difficult to talk about how scared we were and how close we were to losing him, especially in front of such a large audience (and especially after they show a video montage of Barrett from the ICU where he was unconscious and hooked up to a million monitors.  That will get a mom's waterworks going, geez!!).
  • All in all, my emotions related to Barrett's health were running high.
And so when we notice this large, egg-sized raised lump on the back of Barrett's head on Friday afternoon, I just felt sick to my stomach.  It looked like part of his brain was poking out of the back of his head!  What in the world?!
I described the lump to the pediatrician on-call, who recommended we take him to the ER.  Barrett's usual pediatrician happened to call with an update on test results while we were in the ER; I emailed her the picture and she said it could be an abcess, which would explain the fever. 
But, after waiting 2.5h in the ER, the welt shrank down and became less red. 
Ultimate diagnosis: insect bite
Yes, this means I brought my baby to the ER for a bug bite.  (sigh)  So embarassing.  In our (somewhat shaky) defense, we were acting on the on-call doctor's recommendation and with Barrett, we've learned it is much better to be safe than sorry.  The ER doctors and nurses recognized Barrett from his commercial and previous visits during SVT bouts, and they said we did the right thing to bring him in.  I'm just relieved it wasn't anything more serious!  But, Kristopher has made me promise to chill out. 
Barrett, as usual, takes it all in stride.  What a champ!
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  1. Well, you can just add this to the stories all little kids (and sometimes big kids) love to hear about themselves. After the last couple of weeks you've had, I can see why you made that trip to the ER. Think it's kinda funny that they recognized him ~ be sure to include that in the storytelling!

  2. I'm glad everything's ok. I would have freaked out about that welp too!!