Thursday, April 1, 2010

Squish Squash

So, we finally tried solids!  Horray! 
First up: Butternut Squash.
I've never made baby food before (obviously) or even cooked butternut squash, but it turned out okay.  The baby food cookbook instructions were pretty simple and I didn't even need any special equipment.
I started with my butternut squash.

Then, cut it in half.  Scoop out all those seeds and strings.  Did you know, butternut squash smells like pumpkin?!  Ick.  I started having second thoughts here...I mean, I thought it would smell more buttery...or nutty...shows how much I know about squash. 

Anyway, then you roast it in the oven for about an hour, cut side down with about 1/4 inch of water in the bottom of the roasting pan.  Then, you scoop the "flesh" out of the skin and blend it up, adding milk/formula/water to thin it out.  Looks like this:

One squash made 38 ounces. 

Now time for the moment of truth.  I was taken aback by the NEON color of my all-natural meal, so I stripped him down to avoid stains.  I put on his bib and he got so excited.  All other bib + spoon experiences have been great in the past because he loves rice cereal.  He started patting the sides of his bumbo in anticipation. 
Here comes the spoon -- time for his favorite part!! 
Wait a minute, this isn't.....what in the world??....UGH!  MAMA!?!  You tricked me!!  (he literally shuddered here and shook his head back and forth).

Heavy sigh.  This is not looking good.  But, he has such a conditioned positive response to the spoon that he still opened his mouth like a little bird every time I held it up to him.  And then did his little shudder routine after each bite.  But at least he ate some.

For his second squash experience, I decided he might like dining al fresco, so the next day I set him up on the table on the patio.  He was too distracted by all the birds/breeze/sunshine so he didn't eat his entire portion.  But, the third try, back inside this time, went great!  He gobbled down 2 ounces right away~  I'd say the squash was a success.  Next up, sweet potatoes!


  1. Now that I've stopped laughing (I've NEVER made baby food before so what do I know??) about the whole squash experience, I have to hand it to you - another success! And way to go, Barrett - always hoping the next bite will be better than the last!!

  2. wow good for you. aaron is a terrible eater... i have to do a song and dance to get him to eat anything other than yogurt these days, but his gag reflex is too strong to start table food. i think he's bored of it all!