Tuesday, April 27, 2010


We took Barrett to the pool the other day (lots of sunscreen this time) as a test run for our upcoming beach trip this summer.  He was so good!  I hope he is like that when we are actually at the beach...  He just contentedly lay on his towel and played with his toys on his tummy and then lay his head down for a brief snooze.

I wanted to try out our spiffy new baby pool float, complete with sunshade, but I was afraid the water would be too cold, since he's only ever been in warm bath water.  I dipped his little tootsies in the pool water and he didn't seem to mind, but we didn't take the plunge (ha).  The pool had all kinds of kid-friendly stuff -- I was so impressed!  There was an umbrella looking thing that spouted water from the top so it cascaded all around like a waterfall and a huge frog waterslide. 
*Mental note to take him back when he is old enough to play on that stuff.
They also had racecar-shaped baby swings over the pool.  Perfect!

Sorry, buddy, I didn't realize that I put you in the car with a "Princess" sticker.  Whoops.

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