Sunday, April 25, 2010

Ladies Man

We had our good friends, Chris and Jill, over for dinner last week.  It was a fun chance to catch up and let the kiddos play together.  Their daughter, Reagan, is just 7 weeks older than Barrett.  Of course, they are destined to be sweethearts, right?  Well, I think we need to teach Barrett a little something about the art of subtlety, because this was his initial reaction to the pretty little girl:

Not very gentlemanly!  Can little boys go to charm school?

Reagan: Listen, buddy, hands off!
Barrett: But, Reagan, we've know each other our whole lives!  I didn't mean to offend you.  Wanna have a playdate at the park?  There's this new swingset I've been wanting to check out.
Reagan: Maybe when you grow up a little.  I'm not into younger boys.

Reagan's daddy, Chris, taught her not to put up with any shenanigans from little boys!

Lesson learned, right?  Well, the next day, Barrett was around another little girl -- Frances.  Frances' grandmother was holding both Barrett and Frances in her lap so they could socialize.  This time, Barrett acted like he was playing hard to get by turning his face away....until you noticed that his little leg was scooted all the way over so he could play footsie with Frances!  Geez!!  He is already ga-ga over pretty girls.  I'm going to have my hands full.


  1. Sounds like a big weekend for little Barrett! But not to worry - I'm sure his daddy can give him some helpful tips for learning how to talk to girls ~~~

  2. Oh, Rebecca, I understand...we took Beau to Sarah's baby shower and he started playing with her six year old niece. He leaned over to hug her - or so we thought. Before we knew it he had grabbed hold of the ribbon strap of her pillowcase dress and had untied it! Tsk, tsk. Maybe Barrett and Beau can enroll in the same charm school!

    PS - If Barrett is as cute as an eighteen year old as he is as a seven month ARE going to have your hands full!