Monday, April 5, 2010

Hoppy Easter

Easter was lots of fun this year, but then again, everything seems more fun now with Barrett~  He gets excited to see new things, and I get excited about showing them to him, so we kind of feed off each other.
This year, we dyed eggs, but resisted the urge to hide them around the house and yard...definitely next year though!  Kristopher had never seen the little plastic wrappers you put around an egg and then lower into boiling water, zip!, making them sort-of shrink wrap the eggs.  I guess it is because he grew up so long ago, they didn't have those when he was little.  New technology.  Ha.  Anyway, so egg dying and decorating was fun for all.  And now, I'm making deviled eggs later this afternoon...I might as well use them now before Barrett is old enough to insist that we "save" the decorated eggs.

Watching the egg stampede hunt with Mimi after church service.  Looks like fun!

 Guess what?  The Easter Bunny brought Barrett presents!! 

And he must have been a very good boy, because the Easter Bunny even made stops by Grammy and Grandpa's house and Mimi and Papa's house too!

Barrett is stocked with lots of new books (YAY!), bubbles, clothes, John Deere sippy cups, an Elmo balloon, and even his own camo overalls for trips to the country~~

The bubbles were a huge hit and we've loved reading all the new books.  It looks like Rainbow Fish is the stand-out favorite.  I hold him in front of his bookshelf and let him "pick" which book he wants.  He lunges for Rainbow Fish most of all.  And his Day-by-Day Bible, such a good boy :)


  1. haha. check my blog from a few days back... we got aaron that same elmo balloon!

  2. Hey, it is the same balloon! And do they have the same Easter outfit too?? The green Strasburg jumper with the baby chick on the front pocket? Small world~

  3. You have the cutest baby I have ever seen! :)