Thursday, April 15, 2010

Double Trouble

I've been watching Barrett's temperature and calling the pediatrician's nurse with updates since last week (I'm sure she loves that...)  It's just been a little too high, in my humble non-medical opinion, and I'm not one to take any risks with him.  SO, I finally brought him in on Tuesday and found out that he has DOUBLE ear infections.  Bad ones.  Boo.... 
I'm surprised they were so bad, since he had seen the doctor only a week before.  I'm watching him like a hawk because last time he had an ear infection, it morphed into pneumonia and all hell broke loose (his heart rate would spike, I would freak out, went to doctor every day, basket case, etc.)  I'm determined to get him WELL as soon as possible.  Barrett likes this plan because it means extra TLC for him :) 
I finally broke down and bought Baby Einstein DVDs, thinking they would be a "treat" for him, and I don't know why I waited! He loves them! He got so hyped up watching it that he started a new I'm-so-happy-all-I-can-do-is squeal-with-a-huge-grin-on-my-face.
I wish I had taken a few more pictures of him in his blissful squeal-full state, but I was laughing too hard.  Baby Einstein is a hit.

After exhaustive research and in-store try outs, we finally bought a big boy car seat for Barrett~  This purchase is not sickness-related, he just needed one since he outgrew his infant seat length-wise.  Britax seemed to have the best safety ratings and felt the sturdiest.  He can stay in this puppy until he is 65lbs.  And the print is called "cowmooflage."  I'm a sucker for a cute name...


  1. same car seat we got, in grey! and aaron loves his baby einsteins too. it helps me get dinner made every night.

  2. We know that face oh so well! Around here Baby Einstein is affectionately known as "Baby Crack"! Nathan still thinks he is super special when he gets to watch these. Is he learning his body parts from me???? No, despite my endless attempts to teach him! He is learning them from Baby Einstein. After watching the "Head, Shoulders, Knees and Toes" video he came and began showing me where his head is! Go figure!!
    Another series we love is Praise Baby DVD's. Same concept as Baby Einstein only with Christian praise music.