Monday, March 29, 2010

Very Merry Half Birthday

Barrett is 6 months old!  Holy cow!
Cliche as it sounds, I can't believe how fast the time has gone by.  And now I'm officially in party planning mode for his first birthday party, so get ready~  I'm thinking it will be a barnyard/cowboy theme.  I wonder what a pony would do to our backyard...  Details to come later.
In honor of his half birthday, I thought I'd do a little rundown of his favorite things:
*.  He loves, I mean LOVES, his jumper.  You know the one you hang from a doorway?  He's crazy about it.  Not so much on the exersaucer, despite all of the (literal) bells and whistles.  I think he prefers the jump/swing action of the jumper.  He's traditional like that.
*.  Blue is his best color.  I'm HE is still into the smocked baby clothes, big time.  He also likes seersucker, for snappy-casual occasions.
*.  Now that he is officially at the 6m mark, we are going to foray into the wild world of baby solids.  If he's like his daddy, I have a feeling he'll like most anything, as long as there is a LOT of it.
*.  He's always liked to put his hands in his mouth, but now he likes to put his hands in other people's mouths (and then back into his own, of course).   Heavy sigh.  Not exactly hygenic, but friendly. 


  1. aaron is obsessed with putting his hand in my mouth when i rock him. it's really strange. it's like the way he soothes himself to sleep. i hate it. especially when his fingernails need clipping.

  2. Ahh yes. But does Barrett actually gag himself with his hand? Beau does that and then he looks at me like, "What just happened?" I wonder when he'll understand the whole cause and effect deal.

  3. I want to know about that hat.......

  4. Camille -- I cringe everytime he does it, just thinking about all the germs. I know what you mean about the fingernails too, eek.
    Kel -- no, he hasn't gagged himself yet, he just likes to chew. BTW, I finally got him interested in a pacifer, I just have it to him sideways so he could chew on the side, haha. I bet Beau will get cause and effect when he drops something and you pick it up over and over (and over...)
    Jes -- it is his birthday hat, of course :) I got it at a children's store here in town. It is felt so it is comfy-ish. Want me to get you one??

  5. Glad to know he loves smocking and seer-sucker too! Those are Nathan's favorite motif's!

  6. YES! I want one of those hats for my next birthday! :)~ I'm going to hold you to that one!