Thursday, March 11, 2010

Sitting Around

Barrett is sitting up by himself!  Alright!!  There is technically a pillow behind him, but it isn't touching him, and he has no side support.  So, I'm letting this count for baby-book-milestone-recording purposes.
Yesterday afternoon was his first shot -- he sat totally unsupported for a few seconds....

before falling over~~oops!

He tried again this morning, and stayed up a little longer...

With lots of arm flapping...

Until he fell over again.

It is still so much easier to lay on his tummy, after all that hard work!


  1. Hey, I got your email about books. I will respond tonight. Also, love the story about the magazine salesman - I would have done the same thing.

  2. What a relief to see that he is very fashionably attired in all of these milestone photos! And so cute getting to see them in sequence!

  3. What a big boy! I am so impressed with his new tricks. GO BARRETT!!!

  4. Yay, thanks! And about the outfits -- you'll notice they are both seersucker. My new favorite fabric for baby clothes -- it is SUPPOSED to look slightly wrinkled. Genius.