Friday, March 12, 2010

Penny for Your Thoughts

*  It looks like Barrett's hair is going to be lighter than I originally thought.  Still has a reddish tint though. A blonde-ish strawberry blonde?

*  I wish "romantical" was a word.  I know it isn't, but I still use it anyway.  I just like it.

*  My favorite up-beat daytime radio station has suddenly, and without warning, changed to slow jams.  Boo.  Now I have to find a new station.  I'm test-listening to 96.1 but I've already received two complaints from Kristopher.  Apparently, he doesn't like "It's Raining Men" or "Raspberry Beret."  The hunt continues.

* Kristopher's brother and his wife are having a baby boy!!  This means Barrett will have a boy cousin that is only 11 months younger than him and only lives a few blocks away~  WHO-HOO!  I'm so excited, its embarassing.

*  Why in the world did all of the leaves in our trees fall off in the last few days??  It's SPRING not fall.  The leaves already fell off once.  Where did these come from?

*  Kristopher and I started dating 8 years ago, today~  we're going to celebrate by having dinner at the restaurant where we had our first date.


  1. I can't help with the leaves or radio stations there, but I can say GREAT NEWS about new Baby Klar! I'm with you about romantical being/not being a word - I say USE it! And good for you two for having your romantical date and remembering 8 years ago (and I remember the restaurant :)) About Barrett's new baby fuzz . . . I'll tell you what I think in a few days - not sure from the photos!

  2. I like romantical too! And that is so wonderful Barrett will have a cousin close by and close in age! What a perfect playmate!