Monday, March 29, 2010

May the Lord Give His Angels Charge Over You, to Guide You in All Your Ways

Psalm 91:11

Barrett's baptism weekend was beautiful!  I was thrilled that he was baptised in the church where I grew up.  Also, it was Palm Sunday, so there was the added treat of those traditions.  ALSO, it was his 6 month birthday, so we were on special occasion overload.  In addition to the hometown crowd, lots of family came in from out of town for Barrett's special day.

Waiting for the service to start with Aunt Jessica, Barrett's Godmother

*Sappy Moment Alert*
You know that great feeling you get when all the people you love most in the world are around you all at once?  That's how it felt.  I'm overwhelmed with gratifude for all of the special people there to celebrate Barrett.  We are so thankful for the role you each play in Barrett's life~ we love you!

UPDATE:  Jen and Brian took lots of great pictures too, so I thought I'd add them!

Barrett and cousin Nathan.  I think the convo was something like this:
Nathan:  Dude, are you wearing a dress?
Barrett: No way, man, this is a christening gown.  All the cool kids are wearing them.
Nathan: I think it is still a dress....
Barrett (to himself): Geez....thanks a lot, mom.

Barrett with Dr. Savage and Rev. Ray, right before he was sprinkled with holy water.  Can you believe the water didn't even spot his silk gown?  My best guess is that holy water doesn't spot. 


  1. What a BEAUTIFUL family! Congrats on your Baptism, Barrett!

  2. Oh my goodness! I just got teary-eyed! Will you send me those pics? Such a special weekend - for a special baby!

  3. Cute family i wish could have such one as you!!!