Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Like Father, Like Son

Rebecca:  Hey, its a beautiful day, want to go for a walk with me and the baby?
Kristopher:  Well, I'm trying to cut down on cardio.  I lost 5 pounds last week and I'm trying to keep my weight up. 
Rebecca:  (begin eyeroll sequence)

Barrett is having the same problem.  We went to the pediatrician this morning for a checkup and he's only gained 2 ounces in the last month.  Hm.  What is the deal with these guys who inadvertently lose weight, or can't gain enough??  Sheesh.
He's still a healthy size, but not in the same percentile as before, which is bad.  Bring on the waves of guilt.  I had no idea -- he didn't act hungry!  He didn't cry for more food and he sleeps through the night...   Doctor says I need to eat 2,500 calories a day, no excessive cardio, and be extra-sure he gets at least 28 oz of milk/day (which is tricky, because I can't exactly measure what he gets when I nurse him).  We go back in two weeks for another weigh-in.  Until then, it is Operation Hungry Hippo for Barrett.  Wish us luck. 


  1. Oh Rebecca - I feel your pain! Beau had grown at his last visit but he was in a lower percentile than the one before. I started looking at what I was doing (since he's a pretty good eater). I upped my caloric intake by 1000 calories - I did not stutter - ONE THOUSAND. I also increased my protein intake (about one gram for each pound I weigh). And I'll tell you milk production is really benefiting. Hopefully Beau will reap the benefits as well.

    So, eat those 2500 calories and feel good about it! Email me if you want some tips on getting some "good" calories. I was a little confused by it so I ended up getting tips from my friend, a dietician. Good luck!

  2. Thanks for emailing all that info~

  3. How did things go at today's doctor is Operation Hungry Hippo going?!?!?!?!