Monday, March 8, 2010

A Few Technical Hiccups

The Children's Hospital commercial shoot last Wednesday went well, except that something got mixed up with the audio.  So, they asked us back for a re-shoot today.  I was relieved because, of course, I thought of a bunch of things I would have said differently AFTER the fact.  Not that everything came out perfectly the second go around, but at least I had a dress rehearsal under my belt. 
This time Barrett had the hiccups.  Depending on the editing, they will probably be in the commercial, which is true to life, considering he gets the hiccups several times a day.  :)  It is nerve wracking to be in front of a camera with all the bright lights and squirming baby.  Hopefully they can work their digital magic and get 30 good seconds~~  Barrett cooed and grinned into the camera when they moved in for his close up, pretty cute!

We got to meet a news anchor and the weatherman while we were at the studio.  Is it silly that I was star-struck??  I've always really liked the people on the news.  I think it goes back to third grade when I got to present a cake from our class to James Span, local meteorologist, during his visit our school.  Too bad my ensuing dream of becoming the next Connie Chung or Diane Sawyer never panned out~~

Barrett will officially be included in the 30 minute special they will shoot the end of this month.  They will film it at our house, so it should be even easier to coordinate around all-important naptime. 


  1. Yay for you guys! I sure would have been nervous! How wonderful to get a second shot at it. Barrett is just too precious for words!

  2. Hiccups are a regular thing for babies - all moms can relate to that, right? Glad you got to do the reshoot. Barrett is becoming a natural in front of the camera, and just so darned cute!

  3. So much fun!! I hope to get to see the commercial. Barrett is precious.